Women Cadets Squadron At NDA To Be Named Sierra

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A total of 19 woman cadets will be trained at National Defence Academy from June next year, Defense establishment sources said. It will take three years for their squadron to be operationalised. This squadron of women cadets would be named Sierra.

The first-ever batch of 19 women cadets will comprise of 10 cadets who will be trained for the Indian Army, six for Indian Air Force and the remaining will be trained for the Indian Navy. During the 3-year training course, there are two terms in a year and in each term, the same number of women cadets will be taken in.

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In the next three years, a separate squadron for woman cadets will be created. The squadron will comprise 110-120 cadets. So far, the National Defence Academy has 18 squadrons and 19th would come into force after three years.

On October 29, Indian Army chief Gen MM Naravane had said in Pune that the entry of woman cadets in the NDA was the first step towards gender equality in the armed forces. 

Gen Naravane said that the training for woman cadets will be at par with their men counterparts but that would be a little different. He had further added that 40 years down the line there could be a woman officer on his post.

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