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DefenceXP is one of India’s Leading Defence Network. Our aim is to provide quality knowledge to each & every Defence Aspirant in the most accessible & affordable way possible, we strive to become India’s Leading platform in terms of providing the latest Defence-related News & Updates and Exams related subject materials/video courses.

Founded in 2016, DefenceXP Network is the authoritative, independent, professional news source for the Indian defence decision-makers. In Digital Format, we provide the global defence community with the latest news and analysis of programs, policy, business, and technology. Our bureaus and reporters (Authors) set the standard for accuracy, credibility, and timeliness in defence reporting.

DEFENCEXP NETWORK LLP is incorporated pursuant to section 12(1) of the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008.

Date of Incorporation: 11/09/2020

The website, DefenceXP.com, provides up-to-date and essential coverage of breaking events via desktop and mobile devices. Our Network delivers focused coverage to your inbox. Defence Updates on our Channel Defence Squad, airing daily on YouTube, is India’s all-defence news show.

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DefenceXP Network is one of the popular platforms among all the Defence Aspirants who are preparing for defence exams. Our platform is open for all who want to know and learn about our great Indian Armed Forces. Our sole purpose is to provide quality education & information under one roof so that young Aspirants don’t have to worry about the same.

www.DefenceXP.com was formed as an online Defence News Website to cover this huge market which is set to grow even larger in the coming years as India expands its economy at a huge pace.

Our aim is to become an internationally renowned defence web portal that provides timely and accurate news of the Armed Forces to our readers from the world of defence and aerospace. Of course, without your help and support, this objective will not be achieved. Please help us spread the word and let every Indian be proud of our Armed Forces.

If you want to join us as a guest writer we welcome you. Contact us Here & submit your precious knowledge to help the aspirants and blog followers.

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Disclaimer: Articles published under “DefenceXP” are written by Guest Writers/Authors and Information/Facts/Opinions expressed within this article are on an as-is basis or personal opinions of the author. The information, facts, or opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of DefenceXP and DefenceXP does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same. DefenceXP is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information in this article. The article is for information purposes only and is not intended to constitute professional advice.

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