Watch Now: FAU-G Game Anthem, FAUG Trailer & Launch Date

Hello Defence Lovers, Recently Bengaluru-based developers nCORE Games have revealed that date of brand new game FAU-G which will release in India on January 26th which coincides with Republic Day. The game is likely to be available on Google Play Store for Android users but we’re not sure whether it will be available on the Apple App Store on launch day.

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The game has a lot of hype leading up to its release, and fans can only hope that the game can live up to their expectations. It is still not completely certain whether this would be a melee/beat-em-up title, or more in line with a shooter.

What will you do when they come? We will hold our ground & fight back, because we are Fearless. United. Unstoppable FAU:G! Witness the anthem

FAU:G! Anthem



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