Unmanned Reconnaissance & Attack Vehicle Designed By 17 Year Boy

17 year old from Mumbai has designed and patented a one-of-a-kind underwater drone for the Indian Navy. Arjun Menon from Mumbai has concepted, designed, and patented an underwater vehicle named Unmanned Reconnaissance And Attack Vehicle (URAV).

The unmanned vehicle is designed for searching, locating, and destroying underwater enemy vehicles and crafts. URAV has been equipped with a varied array of sensors for recon such as infrared, radars, magnetic resonance, and LIDAR. The vehicle has been equipped with destructive aspects such as self-targetted and self-propelled torpedos as well as bouy-held underwater mines. The vehicle also has a special rotor propulsion system for high maneuver speeds and ascend/ descend control.

The URAV, underwater reconnaissance, and attack vehicle is an underwater vessel specially designed for the military, that uses the sensors like sonars, thermal imagery, laser guidance system, and MAD to detect and bring down other enemy vessels if needed, apart from reconnaissance the URAV, has the capacity to load two torpedoes, overall these systems combine together to form the ultimate underwater military drone.

It has been designed by using advanced computer-aided designing software such as Autodesk Revit, Autodesk 3DS Max, and Autodesk Inventor. Advanced algorithms and physics simulations had been run to ensure the durability of the system.

Arjun Menon: Instagram @arjunmenon213 ,Twitter @realarjunmenon



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