Decoded: Pentagon’s Secret Army of 60,000 Deployed Around the World

Hello defence lovers! In this article, we are going to discuss a very interesting topic. We are going to talk about the Pentagon’s secret army which is operating around the world. What does this army do? How does it operate? Who serves in this army? we will answer all these questions in this article.

NOTE: This article is based on the report published by Newsweek –Exclusive: Inside the Military’s Secret Undercover Army Visit Newsweek for more details.

What Does The Pentagon’s Secret Army Do?

Pentagon’s secret army of 60000 soldiers is carrying out both domestic and foreign operations for the pentagon under a programme called “Signature Reduction”. This programme “Signature reduction” is aimed at minimising threats to the security of the United States.

This army has played an active role in reducing cyber threats from Russia and China. Over the years Chinese Hackers have stolen very precious data through espionage. Protecting cyber espionages and cyber attacks is one of many tasks undertaken by this secret army.

This army is deployed across the globe. The soldiers work undercover in the countries which are threats to the United States. Russia, Iran and North Korea are on the top of the list of such countries. The operatives often disguise themselves as soldiers, as civilians or as contractors. They undertake clandestine and espionage operations behind the enemy lines. They are military intelligence specialists and intelligence collectors. They also act as counterintelligence agents. Thousands of operatives are deployed in hostile countries like Russia and Iran. They are expert in hiding their true identities and living in disguise.

Where Is The Pentagon’s Secret Army Deployed?

As mentioned above, Pentagon’s secret army is deployed all over the world. The operatives are planted in more than 130 Multinational companies around the globe. Almost half of the entire force is deployed in hostile regions ranging from Pakistan in the Middle East to West Africa, which pursue the terrorists and gather intelligence on their operations. Operatives are deployed in America’s primary enemy countries such as Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea to gather intelligence of their militaries.

How Much The USA Spends On This Force?

For the past 10 years pentagon has been developing this force. After the 9/11 terror attacks, the United stated jumped into the War Against Terror. It is believed that this force was created somewhere in between this operation which is still running today. This secret army has a reported budget of $900 Million.

One should note that this agency and its operatives are completely different from the Central Intelligence agency (CIA). Even Congress does not have complete information about these ghost warriors. It is believed that Pentagon’s secret army has been carrying its secret operations without the consent or knowledge of Congress.

The soldiers of the Pentagon’s secret Army are trained by a company based in North Carolina. They are trained to change their age using their disguise, change their fingerprints and many more tactics to mask their true identities.

Does India Have Any Such Force?

Interestingly in India, we do have a similar force but its whereabouts are kept highly classified. This force is known as the Special Group, 4 Vikas, 22 SF, and by many other names. This directly operates under the RAW. This force operates in a similar way.

So that was a brief idea about the Pentagon’s Secret Army. We would suggest you visit Newsweek to read the entire article and various accounts of the operatives working under this force. We hope you enjoyed this article. For more such interesting articles follow our website


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