India To Consider Domestic Carbines For Urgent Use

Carbine is a weapon, which is used in a close combat battle. And considering the present situation between India & China, India is planning to get Made In India Carbines.

According to Officials, OFB’s Carbine is under evaluation for acquisition by the Armed Forces, and it’s preliminary trials have been already conducted. The ban on the import of Carbines from foreign countries had given these domestic companies a fair chance to provide their service to the forces.

With the overall demand of 3.5 lakh Carbines, Forces want to get 94,000 Carbines as soon as possible. If OFB’s Carbine got selected, it will be inducted in Armed Forces after several trials.

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Dipendra Singh

I had embarked myself on the path of an army officer who will live on his own terms, for a good cause and will embrace the death with glory, whenever it will arrive .

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