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Real Military Incidents Highlights In Reel

India is the largest producer of films in the World. There are many types of genres such as science-fiction, crime-based, sports film, and action-packed film. When it comes to action-packed film many producers choose a story based on the armed forces. The main reason behind this is to raise the patriotic feeling and that will only possible when the story is based on the national heroes. India is daily facing a threat of the war from its neighbours. Many producers are now aiming to make a film on our undercover agents, a biopic on our braveheart soldiers. There are many films based on real incidents highlights in the reel.


Real Incidents highlights in reel

This movie is based on the 1971 war. When Pakistan had a surprising attack on the Western sector. This battle was fought between 125 Indian soldiers and 2000 Pakistani soldiers equipped with 45 tanks and 100 supporting vehicles. This movie covers the emotion of the soldiers who live away from their families to safeguard the nation. In the battlefield, Indian soldiers engage the enemy till the next morning. As soon as the sun rises the IAF took the command and destroyed all the tanks and supporting vehicles. The impact was so deep that the Pakistani soldiers were running towards their border. In this battle, many brave hearts were awarded for their extraordinary contribution. This movie is an example of Real incidents highlights in the reel.

LOC: Kargil

This movie highlights the success of the Indian Army who fought with the Pakistani intruder and captured the positions which were previously under Indian control. This war proved that nothing is impossible for the Indian Armed forces. In this war, many brave soldiers lost their lives. In this war capturing hills in the Batalik sector and Tiger hill was one of the difficult tasks for the Indian Army. The intruders were equipped with many modern weapons such as Stinger missile, Machine guns, and rocket launchers. This proved that the intruders were backed-up by the Pakistani government. On 14th July Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee declares Operation Vijay a success.


This movie is based on one of the heroes of the Kargil war Captain Vikram Batra. For his bravery in the Kargil war, he was also awarded the Param Vir Chakra. Captain Vikram and his company were assigned to capture certain heights. Yeh Dil Maange More is one of the success signals to communicate during the war. His brave action during the war was also covered in the movie LOC: Kargil where the famous actor Abhishek Bachchan played his character.


This movie is based on the incident of the 1967 clash between India and China. This clash has happened in Nathu La and Cho La pass along the Sikkim border. The main reason for the clash was to stop the Indian side from installing the barbed wire. The Chinese side started the firing and injured many Indian personals who were engaged in installing the wire. Later when the Indian side retaliates it took the Chinese troops in the chaos situation because the Indian side was well prepared with artillery and heavy weapons. And this results in a higher number of causality from the Chinese side.

URI: The Surgical Strike

When it comes to the action-packed and mission-based movie. Then most of the audience will choose this movie. This movie is based on the revenge of the Pulwama attack where India lost 40 brave hearts. In this movie, two surgical strikes were covered. The first strike was conducted in Manipur against NSCN militants. And second, was conducted against our beloved neighbour Pakistan. Both the Strikes were successful and this all is dedicated to our well-trained commandos. The impact of the strikes was so deep that militants keep their activities shut for some time.

Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl

Involvement of girls in armed forces many orthodox analysts think is useless. This movie proves them wrong. Gunjan Saxena was assigned the job to transport wounded soldiers from the battlefield to the army hospital. In records, she has performed day-night missions and rescued nearly 900 wounded soldiers. After serving 8 years to the nation she got retired.

The Ghazi Attack

This movie is based on a true incident of the 1971 war. The sinking of PNS Ghazi was put on a debate by the Pakistani military. The Indian side claims that the submarine was sunk by its front-line destroyer INS Rajput but this claim is been rejected by the Pakistan side as they claim that the submarine was sunk by its internal explosion. This movie covers scenarios that during 1971 Pakistan has used all its strength to submerge India’s only aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. But this all efforts submerged like PNS Ghazi by the Indian intelligence and the Indian navy.


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