Rafael To Display Latest Combat Suite For Armored Vehicles

From January 24-27, 2022, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems will participate in IAV 2022 in London. Throughout the week, Rafael will showcase its full suite of capabilities for armored combat vehicles that enhances combat effectiveness and survivability, while reducing crew size and their cognitive burden.

  • Rafael’s Advanced Vehicle Integrated Combat Systems (A-VICS) is a modular system that can be customized and adapted to any platform and can be connected to any platform’s sensors, cameras and other systems. The complete system provides operators a full video management system, 360-degree situational awareness and automatic target recognition (ATR). It allows crew members to perform any type of operational task from inside a closed-hatch cabin. Its open, modular architecture provides optimal protection and precision by integrating some of Rafael’s most highly regarded operational systems, including:
Rafael’s embedded training system for A-VICS
  • TROPHY Active Protection System (TROPHY APS) – the world’s only operational, combat-proven active protection system – detects, classifies, and engages incoming threats and delivers unmatched survivability and maneuverability for all vehicle classes. TROPHY can be integrated onto any armored vehicle, and is central to A-VICS  advanced protective capabilities.
TROPHY Active Protection System
  • The SPIKE Missile Family of 5th generation, multi-purpose, multi-platform EO-guided missile systems provides pinpoint precision up to 32 km and fire-and-update capabilities. SPIKE’s exceptionally high precision extends Beyond Line of Sight to greatly enhance the vehicle’s survivability while also minimizing the risk of collateral damage. SPIKE family variants have been purchased by 39 nations, including 19 NATO nations, and have been integrated onto 45 different vehicles, helicopters, and naval platforms.
  • The SAMSON Family of high-performance remote-control weapon stations (RWS) for combat vehicles delivers high performance and maximized survivability. With 40-years of operational experience, Rafael’s RWS has been adapted worldwide to a broad range of tracked and wheeled armored vehicles and accommodates diverse weapons and sensors.
  • The HYPERCORE AI-Based Management System for Combat Vehicleintegrates the best-of-breed technologies and capabilities that make up the A-VICS. It ensures faster, smarter decision-making, greater success across complex missions, and reduces the necessary number of troops and their cognitive burden in the battlefield. It enables manned-unmanned teaming (MUM-T) in both conventional and asymmetric scenarios. HYPERCORE’s combat AI acts as a 3rd crew member for more autonomous mission management. It provides 360-degree situational awareness by managing the vehicle’s array of sensors and fusing each of the video feeds into a single, live, augmented battlefield picture with a common visual language, and utilizes automatic target recognition (ATR) to detect, recognize, and track multiple types of targets.
  • FIRE WEAVER is a networked sensor-to-shooter combat system with sophisticated autonomous capabilities connecting the formation of armored vehicles and their operational capabilities in real time over any tactical radio. It utilizes AI and data fusion to instantly selects the most relevant shooter for a given target, and, as a result, can handle multiple, simultaneous targets more efficiently and swiftly.


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