NCDE Aims To Provide Support To CRPF Soldiers Injured In Duty

With the aim to help and support the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) soldiers who have suffered and sustained severe injuries and rendered physically challenged, the CRPF has initiated National Centre for Divyang Empowerment (NCDE) here in Hyderabad CRPF Group Centre.

The NCDE will be inaugurated on 10th December.

As a part of NCDE, the challenged soldiers are motivated and trained here in the centre for an established future. Here the soldiers are trained and prepared in computer knowledge as well as in sports.

Ravinder Kumar Singh, Second in Commandant and a Shaurya Chakra gallantry award receiver said that the NCDE aims to provide support to the Divyang soldiers who have suffered and sustained grievous injuries during operational duties and rendered physically challenged.

“We here at NCDE support the specially challenged soldiers who have suffered and sustained grievous injuries during the operational duties. We help them maintain their fitness with regular exercises. We drive and motivate them for an established future. We provide the soldiers with both computer training as well as sports training as per the interest of the soldier,” Singh said.

Bhogade Ramdas Bau, a CRPF soldier, speaking to ANI said, “The initiative taken by the CRPF officials to support the specially-abled soldiers under National Centre for Divyang Empowerment (NCED) is very remarkable. We are being given training for computer education which is much needed for our future. The infrastructure is designed in a way that we can be able to do our chores.”

Ramdas Bau further said, “Apart from training in computer education, we are being trained for various sports and physical activities. I have my keen interest in running and so I have opted for running. I am being provided with all the required equipment and support.”

Ramdas Bau who was in CRPF for about 10 years now, has lost his both legs in a search operation back in 2017 when he accidentally stepped on a pressure mine. He said that he is willing to participate in the 100 meters and 200 meters competitions.

Ram Anuj Kumar, CRPF soldier who has been a part of CRPF for about 8 years now, has lost his both legs after he accidentally stepped on a mine. He said, “This NCDE has provided an opportunity to prove ourselves. We are being given computer training and physical training here at the centre. This helps not only to establish our future but also makes us independent.”


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