ISI Targets Daughters Of Ex-Serviceman, Leaks Army War Clg Information

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Popular matrimonial portals could be on the radar of Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) handlers to help their plans for spying in India.

Ongoing police investigations into the suspected links of two young sisters of Madhya Pradesh’s cantonment town Mhow with ISI handlers-operatives has bared a new phenomenon – Pakistan-based defense officers and ISI handlers targeting Indian girls, who are scouting ideal grooms through popular matrimonial websites.

Questioning of the two young sisters aged 28 and 32, has revealed that three men from Pakistan established contacts with them over social media, after viewing their profiles on a prominent matchmaking web portal.

Around six eight months back, the two girls (whose father was an ex-serviceman) had uploaded their profile on the leading matrimonial portal, scouting for ideal matches, preferably men working with the army or other wings of defense services.

Just a few days after they registered with the marriage portal, the two sisters based in Gawali Parasia area of Indore became friends over social media with a Pakistani man, who told them that he was an army officer and had found their contact from the popular marriage portal, sources privy to the ongoing investigations confided to The New Indian Express.

The man who claimed to be a Pakistan army officer subsequently connected the two sisters to two other men, one of whom claimed to be a naval officer. But all three of them could actually be ISI operatives or handlers based in Pakistan.

“Since both young girls were themselves from an army background and wanted to marry men from army or defense force background, the handlers across the international border found them ideal targets for spying into vital and strategic security installations in MP, particularly Mhow. One of the Pakistani men, with whom they connected through video call and chats of major social media platforms, even promised to quit his job in Pakistan and settle with them India, just to prove to one of the two sisters, how badly he was in love with her,” a key source connected with ongoing probe maintained.

It’s quite possible that the ISI handlers-operatives could well have registered themselves with the popular matchmaking services and are looking for ideal targets to honey-trap or aid their spying operations in India, sources added.

Names of the three Pakistani men with whom the two Mhow sisters were connected over social media for months, importantly, have emerged in the past also during investigations into other spying cases, including ISI honey trap cases.

The investigators have so far found evidence of around 1500-2000 chats or video calls between the Pakistani men and the Mhow sisters and are now zeroing in to figure out any possibilities of the two women having sent to the Pakistani men pictures or live videos of various army facilities in Mhow, including the Army War College, to which they had access, owing to their father being an ex-serviceman.

The New Indian Express

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