Gaganyaan To Get Delayed Due To Covid 19

India’s first human space mission Gaganyaan will delayed because of covid 19. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had said that in 2022 an Indian son or daughter will be go into space under the Gaganyaan mission.

The Gaganyaan mission has well an advance technology. ISRO is taking the help of other space-faring nations like Russia for training the astronauts and some other important aspects. France for space medical area and is also approaching US space agency NASA.

India has signed 250 documents in the field of Space cooperation with 59 countries, these are to advance India’s capabilities and also to help other space-aspiring nations to benefit from space. India’s major cooperation in the space technology field was with Russia, USA, France, Japan and Israel, elaborating ongoing and future projects.

The upcoming rocket launches this year ISRO is planning to launch its Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle C49 (PSLV C49) during the first week of November. The PSLV C49 rocket will fly with RISAT-2BR2 as the main passenger and about several other third party satellites for a fee.

India’s space activities are spread at various parts of the country, it had become a challenging for ISRO’s engineers and scientists to travel and carry out work. 

Times of India


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