DroneTech Startup TSAW Launched Its Made-In-India Drone- Adarna V2

Adarna V2 has the proficiency to fly up to the ceiling height of 3500m with up to 8kg weight

Delhi-NCR headquartered Drone tech startup TSAW Drones launched its Made-In-India drone – Hybrid Fixed Wing VTOL (Adarna V2) at Aero India 2023. The 14th edition of Aero India takes place between the 13th to the 17th of February at the Air Force Station in Yelahanka, Bengaluru. The biennial Airshow was inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi and attended by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh along with several Defence ministers from different countries.

The available Drones have many applications, but they are limited by their short travel times and confined lifting capacities. Adarna V2 is designed intelligently to address these shortcomings, with its ability to fly for 100 minutes and cover a distance of 120 kilometres in a single flight. Adarna V2 has the proficiency to fly up to a ceiling height of 3500m and carry a heavy weight of up to 8kg. Additionally, the drone has wind resistance grade 5 (8.5-10.5m/s), allowing it to fly even in high-wind conditions and fulfil the requirements of e-commerce platforms, armed forces, medical suppliers, farmers, and others.

On the launch of the new Drone Kishan Tiwari, Founder & CEO, TSAW Drones affirmed, “After working diligently to design and build its technology from the scratch and securing the pertinent regulatory approvals, we are thrilled to unveil Hybrid Fixed Wing VTOL (Adarna V2) at Aero India 2023. We intend to demonstrate its uncanny prowess to traverse complex terrains in order to carry cargo and operations to locations where conventional commuting would take hours or even days. Adarna V2 is engineered to fulfil a slew of underlying challenges in a wide range of industries, including streamlining access to healthcare in remote rural areas, faster hyperlocal & e-commerce distribution, optimizing & monitoring crop growth, and, most importantly, delivering reconnaissance & surveillance solutions for security apparatus. With TSAW and our just-launched logistics arm DRONECO, we aspire to take the flight of drone innovation, technology & manufacturing to a horizon which can en route us on the map of becoming world’s top drone company and making India a global drone hub.” TSAW follows level 5 automation for their drone operations. This overcomes human discrepancies in Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations.

Furthermore, the health of the drone is transmitted in real-time with the drone operator via TSAW’s in house developed Un-piloted Aerial Vehicle Traffic Management system (UTM). The drone can be switched from autopilot to manual mode in an emergency. This adds an extra layer of safety to the operations TSAW undertakes.

About TSAW:

Founded in 2019, by Kishan and Rimanshu, TSAW (Technit Space and Aero Works) is a drone technology company with a vision to facilitate industries by the introduction of drone-based tech solutions. The brand is headquartered in IIT Delhi. All these drones are operated on lithium batteries with Zero Carbon Emission. DRONECO is one of the brands under TSAW’s umbrella which is focused on providing logistics services using drones. All the drones are powered by TSAW’s propriety Drone Cloud Intelligence System (DCIS), a cloud-based autopilot, which performs jobs like automatic path planning, drone traffic deconfliction and predictive health management & recovery, hence reducing the downtime to approximately Zero mins between flights and providing better operational efficiency.



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