Army Personnel Taken Into Custody For Links With Pak Spies In Agra

Thwarting a suspected attempt by Pakistani agencies to gain information from Indian defence forces’ personnel, some military personnel have been caught for having links with adversaries’ spies in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra and have been taken into custody.

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In the last few years, there have been multiple attempts by Pakistani agencies to virtually trap Indian services personnel and gain sensitive military information from them.
“Surveillance is constantly being maintained to monitor activities of such agents particularly so in the vicinity of military areas. A few personnel from an establishment at Agra involved in an unauthorised communication with undesirable elements were recently discovered, based on proactive actions by our intelligence agencies,” government sources told ANI.

In this regard, some persons have already been taken into custody and are being investigated to verify the details and other individuals, if involved, they said. Sources said that military personnel are always briefed on these issues by the authorities to prevent such leakage of information.

Senior military authorities have reiterated that no such case is allowed to go undetected and strong action will be taken against all personnel involved. Strictest action is taken against personnel found involved in these cases and many defence personnel have been dismissed from service and jailed after getting caught in these activities.


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