Anti-Cut fencing Introduced At India-Bangladesh Border

With the view to curbing criminal activities along the India-Bangladesh border, Indian border guarding force BSF has introduced “Anti Cut-Anti Climb” fencing.

According to BSF, Anti-cut fencing has a long life, is stronger and economically better and no one can cut this fence or climb it easily. So, it will help the forces to deal with the criminals along the border.

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Speaking to ANI, Ajai Singh, Inspector General, BSF North Bengal Frontier said, “Under the Low-Cost Technology Solution(LCTS) project we have already started replacing “Anti Cut-Anti Climb” fencing with existing fencing along the 110 km unfenced portion of the border with Bangladesh in North Bengal. We have already covered 20-km and more will be covered shortly. It cannot be cut easily, one cannot climb on it easily. It has a longer life and is economically better. It provides better security. This will make our forces more confident. It will cover the unfenced area of the borders as well.”

India shares a 4096 km border with Bangladesh of which West Bengal shares 2216 km. North Bengal frontier shares 950 km of the border of which 110km is unfenced. 


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