Rajnath Singh, Harsh Vardhan Release First Batch Of Anti-Covid Drug 2-DG

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan on Monday released the first batch of Anti-COVID drug 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2-DG) developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

The drug has been developed by DRDO’s Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS) in collaboration with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories.

DRDO Chairman Dr G Satheesh Reddy said that DRDO and Dr Reddy’s lab had gone through the complete trials and conducted trials across 30 hospitals and on a large number of patients.

The first batch of 10,000 doses of 2-DG medicine would be launched early next week, informed DRDO officials to ANI on Friday.

The drug comes in powder form in a sachet, which is taken orally by dissolving it in water. It accumulates in the virus-infected cells and prevents virus growth by stopping viral synthesis and energy production. Its selective accumulation in virally infected cells makes this drug unique.

In the ongoing second COVID-19 wave, a large number of patients are facing severe oxygen dependency and need hospitalisation. The drug is expected to save precious lives due to the mechanism of operation of the drug in infected cells. This also reduces the hospital stay of COVID-19 patients.

“Whenever our country needed, DRDO has always supported the need of the hour. I congratulate the Chairman of DRDO, Dr G Satheesh Reddy, and heartily congratulate the scientists for developing this drug. I will personally the people involved in the making of the drug socially the chairman of DRDO,” said Singh.

“Even we have put our level best energy, there is no need to sit relax as the experts sitting here know very well that the situation in near future is unpredictable. We will not sit relax, nor we will give up against COVID, we will win the war against COVID,” he added.

“The drug has come with a ray of hope in our country. It is a great example of scientific progress. I believe the scientists of our country have the potential to tackle any drastic situation approaching our country,” he said.

“Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has handed over the Anti-COVID drug 2DG to Delhi AIIMS director Dr. Randeep Guleria and it will help the country in the fight against Covid,” he added.

“Prepared by DRDO and DRL, 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2-DG) will prove effective in drug covid. It is a great example of scientific progress. I believe the scientists of our country have the potential to tackle any drastic situation approaching our country,” he said.

“This is a great example of the scientific prowess of our country,” he asserted. Speaking further at the event, the Defence Minister said: “About this drug, I would say that it is a new ray of hope. But right now, we do not need to be relaxed, nor do we need to get tired, and stop. Because this wave has come for the second time, and there is nothing definite about this even further. We have to take steps with full caution,” he added.

Rajnath Singh also expressed his delight on the reintroduction of retired doctors back in the system, and said, “I am happy to say that the Medical Corps has also decided to reintroduce its retired doctors so that our health system can be strengthened further. I heartily commend such physicians who are joining this campaign even after their service.”


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