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Explained: Per Hour Operating Cost Of IAF’s Fighter Jets

Hello defence lovers, In the last few articles, we have discussed in detail India’s upcoming fighter programs like Tejas mk2, TEDBF, etc. While discussing fighter jets their cost is a hotly debated topic. Along with this, the next obvious question is how much it costs to operate the fighter jet. Apart from procuring fighter aircraft, …

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Prasad Gore

A defence enthusiast. Writing on Defence, Aviation and International Relations. M.A., NET (Defence and strategic studies).


    1. I totally agree that per hour flying cost is a highly vague concept as number of factors are considered for calculating it. Various experts consider different factors so the numbers are also different. I have tried to give an estimate here, have cleared this in middle part of the article. Only IAF knows the exact cost:) Thanks

  1. The artcle is very informative and it is valuable to auditors and accountants like me.

    Expectingore articles like this.

    Thanks and regards.

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  2. interesting, sukhoi 30 only 10k usd per hour, in my opinion (read from various sources) su30 is expensive for operating costs. can you confirm this news regarding the operational cost of the expensive su30 is wrong?

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