ITBP’s Crack K9 Commandos To Secure Rajpath On Republic Day

ITBP’s K9 team, which includes dogs like Belgian Malinois, have been given the task to secure Rajpath and India Gate area for the Republic Day parade.

This has been done after Delhi Police requested ITBP to deploy its crack K9 team for deployment to sanitise and secure the area around India Gate and Rajpath.

These dogs are trained for all-region and weather conditions. Some of them, who were deployed in tough weather conditions, will be brought to Delhi for the Republic Day parade.

“These dogs are extremely people-friendly. They are trained on how to behave with the public and how to react in case of any suspicious activity. They are at India Gate and Rajpath now,” ITBP official said.

“ITBP’s K9s are some of the highly trained and loyal dogs. They can sniff terror with zero error to ensure that the ceremony held under a very high threat perception goes off without a hitch,” ITBP official said.

These dogs have been serving in various parts of the country including Naxal affected areas.

“ITBP is the largest contributor of dog teams to Delhi Police for various assignments for the past one decade. These dogs belong to the ITBP’s K9 QRT (quick reaction team) which rushes to the assistance of Delhi Police whenever there is a requisition,” the ITBP said.

“All the majestic K9s deployed this year are hero dogs who have already had a stint in counter-insurgency grid and are battle-hardened dogs whose noses miss nothing,” the official added.


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