Indian Army To Deploy Specially Designed New Boats At Pangong Tso

The Army has finally begun to get initial deliveries of specialized boats for deployment at Pangong Tso, which comes amidst the continuing military confrontation with China in eastern Ladakh.

The Army had inked two contracts for the specialized boats six-seven months ago. The first Rs 65 crore one was for 12 fast patrol boats, with advanced surveillance gear and other equipment, from defence PSU Goa Shipyard.

These patrolling boats are built by Goa shipyard Ltd. exclusively for the Indian Army for deployment at Pangong Tso along LAC. The army had ordered 29 such specialized boats in January amid the stand-off with China. The army needed boats for patrolling and surveillance and quick deployment of troops on the banks of the lake.

Special Boats Built For The Indian Army

These boats are specially designed to move swiftly in the mountainous water body with sharp curves. Each of these boats can carry two dozen soldiers along with their weapons. The complete number of 29 boats will be delivered and deployed in the next four to five months as informed by the official sources. The boats are of two types one for ferrying troops with loads and the other for quick deployment of troops.

The Indian Army however has already deployed boats in the Pangong Tso buy new boats are much better in their capabilities, design, and speed. They are lighter and have anti-ramming capabilities. The army has deployed the specialized boats with the quick reaction teams in the Pangong Tso as Army stays alert along the LAC. The Navy boats and Marcos have also been deployed in the region since last year.

The Indian Army has been in a stand-off with China for more than a year and the forces are highly motivated with strong deployment in the region. The armed forces are strengthening themselves with technological advancements in terms of equipment, clothing, and habitat. The new boats will also boost the power of the soldiers deployed along the region.

India has conducted eleven rounds of talks with China in the last year to resolve the tension. The disengagement along the North and South banks of Pangong Tso took place in the month of February. Army successfully completed winter haul in Eastern Ladakh and remains high on its operational preparedness in spite of the continued Covid battle.

The Times Of India

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