Can India Be Involved In War Against Pakistan Or China In Future?

Since the Independence of India in 1947, every government has failed to maintain peace for a long time with our two dearest neighbors, none other than Pakistan and China. These nations have always tried to slow down the growth of India. These nations never really wanted peace despite countless attempts from Indian governments. They always try to insult India in front of the world so that we cannot focus on our development. Their modern-day agendas and propagandas continue to prove this. However, as the most matured nation among the three, India has always presented a friendly gesture. But that does not seem to be a solution to the problem.

Different Approaches Of China And Pakistan With Same Intentions

Pakistan and China both have the same intentions but different approaches. Pakistan is more involved in terrorist operations and terror group fundings. Because they are aware of the fact that they match the development of India. That is why they help terrorists in the violation of ceasefire on a regular basis so that we are always distracted from our main objectives. Recently, it was admitted by Pakistani leaders that Pakistan was involved in the Pulwama attack in India last year. This has been the philosophy of Pakistan always.

On the other hand, China is extremely smart. They have not been involved in any terrorist activities directly. They have a different kind of approach compared to Pakistan. China has always tried to restrict India through political ways. Their leaders have always tried to stop India from becoming a permanent member of several United Nations and other international groups. As a nation, they support Pakistan most of the time at the International level, which clarifies their motives.

Expansion Of Chinese Economy Compared To India

China has created an ecosystem of its market in the whole world, especially in India. Most of the electronic items in the Indian market are imported from China. Through this technique, China has become a much larger economy than India. Its economic growth has shown exponential growth in the last two decades. As a result, its military size has also increased. They have become more developed than our nation in almost every sector.

Political And Military Aspects Of India Compared To China And Pakistan

Pakistan has tried four times to involve in a full-fledged war against India. And it has seen the consequences. As a result, it has understood that they cannot afford any war now. India’s military size and spending are much larger than Pakistan’s. Our forces have more strength and courage along with skillset. Moreover, we have developed political as well as military pressure on Pakistan since the Kargil War. Therefore, any possibility of a war with Pakistan in the near future is extremely rare. Pakistan is well aware of this fact. Therefore they limit themselves to the violation of ceasefire which is still a very major concern for India. This problem keeps our nation distracted from developing in the field of education and technology.

Now, talking about China, they have been involved in one major war against India in 1962, which unfortunately we lost. We were not enough developed at that time and due to some political failures, our country had to be on the losing side. Since then, both countries have become more developed and powerful in terms of military. However, in reality, even today, the military spending of India is much less than the Chinese. This is because of the fact that the economy of China is very huge compared to India. As a result, the Chinese military is bigger in size as well as more advanced and modernized.

China, in some way, has created an impression of its strength similar to what India has done to Pakistan. Just like Pakistan can never invite India for war, India is not in a position to involve in a war against China. China has increased its military size in a much larger and modern way.

What Effect Will War Have On Chinese Economy?

But China will never want war with India. Firstly, they are aware that we have also a very advanced military compared to that of 1962. Their forces will have to face a lot of damage if war happens. As a result, it will have a direct impact on its economy. Secondly, this is an era of globalization and trade. China has created its market up to such an extent in India that if the Indian economy crashes; it will have a major impact on the Chinese economy too. China’s whole business and trading market in India will be collapsed resulting in huge losses for them. And it cannot afford the loss of billions of dollars just for war.

Therefore, we reach to the conclusion that neither Pakistan nor China is dumb enough to want a war with India unless their leaders want to crash their own economy. But that does not solve our problem. We need to come to a final agreement, which is in favour of each sides. Otherwise we will continue to suffer from the problems caused on the border which ultimately effects our whole country.   


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    1. You are absolutely right, Pakistan has betrayed India most of the times. But we need to find some solution to the problem for our own benefit, which is absolutely not war.

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