Global Times- A Global Threat?

What is Global Times?

  • The Global Times is a daily newspaper under the auspices of the People’s Daily newspaper, commenting on international issues from a ‛Chinese’ perspective.
  • As a matter of fact, the People’s Daily is somewhat controlled by the Chinese Communist Party only.
Global Times: Global ambassador of a capsized country

A Paradigm of Yellow Journalism

Is China really that powerful?
  • Global Times has time and again used cheap and non-legitimate data to prove its might. Moreover, it’s recent articles on India have shown more yellow journalism than quintessential ingenuity.
  • The recent clashes between India and China have seen a gigantic turmoil in the media. India took severe measures to protect its sovereignty against expansionism.

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Faux pas

China: A confronting neighbour
  • Chinese media has absurdly claimed Indian endeavors to be a failure. Ostensibly, it has also tried to portray Indian technologies as obsolete.
  • Exacerbating the scenario, it has also threatened India of waging a war (ironically)!
  • Moreover, it’s the claim of winning the same took the whole world by laughter! A country that wasn’t able to stand even against Vietnam should make some credible statements.

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Clash and clap

Yesterday’s events mark up one of the most critical times in the relations of both countries.

Tweet from the Global Times after aggression on LAC roused to a certain extent.
  • In a week’s meanwhile time, China has shown grim aggression at the border twice.
  • As reported, PLA soldiers did provocative firing near shenpao mountain at LAC in an attempt to show aggression.
  • As confirmed by the Indian Army, soldiers refrained themselves from firing shots, despite continued provocation by the Chinese side. Though, countermeasures were taken to stabilize the situation.
Tweet by Global Times in response to the official
statement by India.
  • China’s recent aggressive attitude and irresponsible statements, expresses it’s blatant wish not to resolve dispute.
  • It is hard to believe China’s claims. And as hard to deny the fact that China has always been responsible for provoking misadventures.

World Perception

A transparent and non-biased media. Way too far from reality.
  • According to Wikipedia, The newspaper has spread unfounded conspiracy theories and disinformation pertaining to Covid-19. Moreover, it is part of a broader set of Chinese state-run-media outlets forming part of the Chinese government’s propaganda apparatus.

In a Nutshell

  • Frankly, Now I don’t feel anything has to be apprised about the hypocrisies of China. The world knows much more.
  • Chinese media needs to contemplate and introspect its own perspective and fallacies.
  • As a matter of fact, to endorse truth and acquaint oneself with coherent facts is of no harm. Jousting Chinese media may comply with the same to save it’s worsening image of a bluff maker.
  • China, it is high time now. Admit your fault and go for peace.
  • A word to consider from India:-

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

  • Even after following the above principle, we know how to defend and how to fight.
  • Don’t undermine us.
  • Start fighting for peace rather than political superiority. Learn to respect others, before being taught to do so.

Jai Hind


Chaitanya Shukla

I am a defence aspirant and an army enthusiast. I am committed to ardently work for my nation and for my people! From Rashtriya Military School Chail.

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