India After Galwan Valley Clash

The ongoing standoff between India and China, at LAC, have completed three months. Chinese intrusions on LAC had been first identified by Indian Patrol was on 2nd of MAY, when the world was busy in dealing with China originated virus COVID -19. From then the tensions started shaping along the LAC and ultimately on India-China relations. Initially, India After Galwan Incident tried to not create disputes out of differences.

Even after many core-meetings, the war like situation doesn’t seem to calm down. The issue in the Eastern Ladakh region is still going on as China is not ready, in fact, has refused to go back from encroachment points on Pangong Tso Lake. India, who had adopted somewhat soft postures against China, after Galwan incident, became more active on the political, military, and strategic front to counter China.

Military Front

Militarily India has increased its strength in eastern Ladakh by deploying its troops along with High Artillery, Armoured and Air Support. The recent Induction of Rafael with its superior features has increased India’s strength. India also is in try to get its S-400 missile defence system as early as possible. India has included Purchasing of various unmanned drones like Predators – B in talks with the US. Many other accessories and support equipments purchasing orders from various countries are rolled out already. These moves are defining India’s morale, Will, and Capacity.

Diplomatic Front

Many countries like the UK, Australia have given their statements in support of India. Russia who confirmed India that there will be no delay in the delivery of the S-400 missile defence system. But it has suspended the delivery of the same to Chinese.

The USA has increased its presence in the Indo Pacific Region. It started naval exercise PASSEX with India in the Indian Ocean. USS Nimitz, the world’s largest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier also participated in it, will surely create deterrence in the region. Some of the reports observed US anti-submarine aircraft P8-A and EP-3E aircraft were flying closer to Shanghai. US President Donald Trump has become more aggressive against China.

Australia, Britain, Canada, and Now New Zealand are negative on China over  HongKong’s Security Law that China moved to implement. These countries have suspended their extradition treaty with HongKong which China has retaliated in the same way.

Ecuador also has raised the concern over Chinese fishing fleet off its Galapagos Islands. China’s worldwide aggressive behavior and global sufferings of COVID 19 underline the need for global collective measures to contain China.

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Economic Front

Worldwide negative sentiments have already started affecting the Chinese Economy. Many companies are moving their projects from China.

China has a strong base of its strong economy, probably that is why India, seems to have decided to attack the Chinese economy as possible. The banning of over 100 Chinese apps, cancelling of Indian railways and road construction tenders secured by Chinese companies, banning of import of colour TV from China, cancelling the Chinese investments in many sectors including Telecom, and much more are showing India’s clear intentions to reduce its imports and dependence on China.

Many Indian Businessmen also took measures to reduce their import-based trade with China. Example – JSW Group to boycott $400millions imports from China.


India, after galwan, has been playing its cards on various fronts. It has already tried a lot and has been trying to bring peace in the region. India has never fired the first bullet on the enemy. But gave befitting reply whenever required. Now the Chinese side has to decide, Let us see how the situation goes, India is prepared for everything, its already been three months. The Three Months and Counting..!

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Dinesh Mahajan

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