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Explained: India’s Requirement Of A Rocket Force

Hello defence lovers! Recently CDS General Bipin Rawat has revealed India’s plan of establishing a rocket force. The link for the detailed article is given below. In this article, we are going to discuss what is a rocket force, why we need a rocket force and what advantages it will give us over our adversaries

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What Is A Rocket Force?

So let us first understand what is a Rocket force. As the name suggests a rocket force is a specialized arm of the armed forces which exclusively operate the rockets and missiles. In simpler words, we can say it is a more advanced form of artillery. Around the world, only China and Russia operate a rocket force. However, in many other countries, Rocket forces exist but under the strategic force’s command. Now let us understand the current scenario of India.

Strategic Forces Command

India has a dedicated Strategic forces command for managing its nuclear missiles. The Strategic Forces Command (sometimes called Strategic Nuclear Common), forms part of India’s Nuclear Command Authority (NCA). It is responsible for the management and administration of the country’s tactical and strategic nuclear weapons stockpile. It was created on 4 January 2003 by the Vajpayee Government, Air Marshal Teja Mohan Asthana became its first commander-in-chief. All nuclear ICBMs, SLBMs, nuclear bombs, and nuclear warheads are controlled by the SFC.

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The SFC has a complex chain of command and launch procedure. It has to initiate the process of launching missiles. Then NCA headed by the Prime minister gives approval for launch.

Why Do We Need A Dedicated Rocket Force?

Apart from SFC, all non-nuclear missiles are distributed among the three forces. Army’s artillery operates most of the rocket launchers such as Pinka, BM 21, and Smerch. Similarly, the air force also operates a variety of missile systems, mainly surface to air missiles. The Navy has a huge arsenal of missiles, but most of them are for anti Ship roles. Now let us discuss why we need a dedicated Rocket force.

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A dedicated rocket force will bring all Rockets and missiles under one chain of commands. It will have a dedicated workforce to handle, maintain and fire these missiles. Though a specialized workforce for that purpose already exists, but they are scattered over the three services along with SFC. Under one chain of command, it will be easier to manage our inventory of missiles. Also, the reaction time to choose from the wide variety of missiles and rockets and to fire the right one will significantly decrease. In that case, PM or the highest decision-making authority can directly approach the chief of the missile force and order the necessary action.

Creating a Rocket force will make the process deployment of missiles an autonomous process. Thus the process of deployment will become more efficient and strategic. This will also have a psychological impact on both the enemies on the eastern and western front. This missile force will be much more highlighted than before and thus it will instil a greater fear in the heart of the enemies.

Composition of India’s Rocket Force

Now let us discuss the possible composition of India’s future Missile force. It will definitely include all assets of the Strategic forces command. That means it may have all the Agni series missiles, Pritvi Missiles, Dhanush, Prahar, Pralay, K family of SLBMs, Shuarya, Brahmos and Brahmos NG, upcoming Nirbhay, and all other systems which are in development. However’s navy’s assets will be exempted as those are crucial for anti Ship roles. The force will also have the Indian army’s rocket systems which are BM 21, Pinaka, Smerch and upcoming Pinaka MK II.


The rocket force will augment the process of creation of the theatre command and thus improve the overall jointness of the three services. It will also ensure the better utilization of all available resources. This force will act as a significant deterrent to any possible offensive against India. What do you think about this topic do tell us in the comments?



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  1. When Rocket Force will establish and what qualifications and eligibility required? And Required any physical and medical eligibility like army, navy and airforce?

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