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Daksh: India’s Remotely Operated Vehicle


  • DAKSH is a remotely operated vehicle developed by India’s defense research and development organization. Daksh is an unmanned ground vehicle operates in contact with the ground but no human is present onboard.
  • The unmanned Ground vehicle has its applications in the field where it is inconvenient, dangerous, or impossible for a human to operate. The unmanned ground vehicle is the land-based counterpart to Unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned underwater vehicles.
  • Daksh is a fully automated remote control vehicle for defusing bombs, India’s first anti-terror robot. Daksh Robot is primarily designed for the safe handling and destruction of IED’S. This Robot is very critical in reducing the loss of property and lives.
  • The first batch of five Daksh UGV was delivered to the Indian army in 2011. Daksh is in service with Bomb disposal units of army, police, and paramilitary forces. Indian Army has also placed an order for 200 Daksh Robots.


  • DRDO’S DAKSH is an electrically powered, fully automated, remotely operated vehicle, primarily designed for recovering IED’S, it is capable of safely locating, handling, and destroying all kinds of hazardous objects.
  • The Remotely controlled vehicle is based on a motorized pan-tilt platform. Daksh has the ability to navigate through narrow staircases, steep slopes, narrow corridors.
  • Daksh is provided with multiple cameras, IED handling equipment, Nuclear Biological Chemical reconnaissance systems, a master control system, and a shotgun.
  • With its Robotized arm, Daksh can lift and scan any object and it can also diffuse if the object is found to be a Bomb. It can defuse the Bomb with its water jet disrupter.
  • Daksh ROV can be remotely controlled over a range of 500m on the line of sight. It is equipped with the Radio Frequency shield which enables it to Jam remote signals for triggering a blast.
  • Daksh can handle hazardous objects of up to 25kg from 2.5m and 9kg from 4m distance.
  • Rashtriya Rifles units are using samples of the Armed version of Daksh in the Kashmir valley to check the capabilities of the armed version of ROV.
  • Daksh ROV has proven its capabilities in North East India as it successfully neutralized 40 IED’S. The first variant of this ROV was made up of steel due to which its capabilities got restrained because of more weight, therefore, DRDO developed a new version made up of aluminum alloy and it is equipped with a custom made motor to increase its speed.
  • In the coming days, the Indian Army is going to order 100 New variants of Daksh ROV. As per the media reports, Jammu and Kashmir Police will soon get ROVs. As of now, Only Indian Army is operating Daksh ROV but soon it will be used by Various Police, Paramilitary forces, and Bomb disposal Units.


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