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IGLA-S Man-Portable Air Defence System-Explained


  • IGLA-S Man-Portable Air defense system is a Russian origin very short-range air defense system . IGLA-S is a Man-Portable Surface to air missile. This System is the latest variant of IGLA MANPADS developed before this.
  • IGLA-S version includes various modifications like it is provided with a longer range as compared to the previous variants, Sensitive Seekers, Effective Resistance to the new countermeasures.
  • Indian Army was looking for new VSHORAD as the army was operating the outdated variant of this system from three decades. Therefore to cater to the needs of the army, the process for acquiring new VSHORAD was initiated in 2010.
  • After going through a long process Russian Manufactured IGLAS-S was Selected as the winner. Russian Company Rosoboronexport was awarded the VSHORAD Contract for Supplying MANPAD system worth 1.3 billion dollars to the Indian Army.
  • Under the VSHORAD Programme, the Indian Army is set to Replace its aging Soviet Origin IGLA-M, that have been used by the army since 1980. This system is considered to be very critical for defense against Incoming helicopters, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and ground attack aircraft.

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  • IGLA-S Entered into service with the Russian army in 2002.
  • The weight of the full system is 17.9kg and the missile weighs around 10.8kg.
  • The missile is powered by a solid-fuel rocket motor engine.
  • Length of this system is 1.574m, Diameter is 72mm.
  • IGLA-S has contact and grazing fuze detonation mechanism.
  • This new variant has an operational range of 6km.
  • The maximum Peak speed of the missile is about Mach 1.9.
  • For Guidance, it uses a Dual waveband infrared guidance system.
  • As per the manufacturer, this system is having a hit probability of 0.8 to 0.9.


  • Two other companies MBDA And SAAB Group complained previously that the Russian weapon system was given undue advantages even though the system failed to intercept targets in Indian conditions because of malfunctioning.
  • As per the various reports, the system Performed worst in hot conditions of Pokhran while it performed well in cold weather conditions of Leh. Sweden’s SAAB Group alleges that the Indian Army favored Russian during protracted trials.

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  • Russia and India are negotiating to locally produce the IGLA-S Man-Portable air defense system for the Indian Army. Active Contract Negotiations are underway for the supply of IGLA-S and their licensed production in India.
  • The deal is expected to be finalized by the end of this year after as soon as both parties will agree on all technical parameters.

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