Taliban Rule: Possible Threat To Kashmir

Afghanistan now is completely in hands of the Taliban. Last week Taliban had formed an interim government in Afghanistan, taking back control of the country from the USA, the moment for which they have been waiting for the last 20 years.

The last battleground in Afghanistan i.e. Panjsir has also fallen in hands of the Taliban, making them the complete rulers of the country.

Pakistan and Taliban nexus is an open secret. With complete Taliban control over Afghanistan, it will add another ally for Pakistan alongside China to create instability in Kashmir.

Taliban rule may have many implications for India. Recently, Indian media had reported that around 40-50 active foreign militants are in Kashmir. And, with Taliban control in Afghanistan, the numbers may even increase. Today in this article we will discuss, How Taliban rule will affect the peace status of Kashmir? and many other things……………… Let’s……………..start…………..

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Taliban’s Support To Kashmir

Taliban and Kashmir

During the USA regime in Afghanistan, the Taliban at many times had maintained their specific position on Kashmir, that Kashmir is a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan and the peace in Kashmir is India’s internal matter.

But with the USA exit, the Taliban is now turning its cards. Recently, the Taliban has announced that it has right to raise the issue of Muslims in Kashmir and will do anything for maintaining Muslim brotherhood in the world. With this stance, the Taliban may pose some serious threat to the crown jewel of India i.e. Kashmir.

Pakistan has helped immensely to the Taliban for regaining their control in Afghanistan. It has sent Thousands of mujahideen, jihadis and terrorists of Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar-e-Taiba, etc., for helping the Taliban. Pakistan has also supported militarily to Taliban, for getting control of Panjsir Valley by bombing the valley from its Air Force. The Taliban government is very close to ISI for its role and other developments in the region.

Considering all the things, we can assume that Pakistan will definitely reap the benefits of its support to the Taliban by destabilizing the Kashmir peace status.

Militancy in Kashmir

Taliban and Kashmir

It is an open secret that the Taliban is very close to ISI, J-e-M, L-e-T, Al-Qaeda, and many other terrorist organizations in the region. Even for regaining the Taliban’s control in Afghanistan, these organizations have helped it immensely.

Taliban, after taking control of Afghanistan have freed around 800 terrorists of these organisations. With the Taliban’s support, Pakistan may start a new chapter of insurgency in Kashmir alongside Chinese help.

Militancy is the only way through which the Taliban can aid Pakistan by providing training, equipment, and a safe haven to terrorists for creating instability in Kashmir. Taliban has also vowed to raise the issue of Kashmir in international forums like OIC and UN. Considering, Taliban’s low international recognition, it will not harm India’s interest in any way but militancy can definitely help in Pakistan’s interest in creating instability in Kashmir.

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India’s Option

With Panjsir’s fall, India’s option to support Northern Alliance has also vanished. We are now left with only two options either we should start formalizing diplomatic relations with the Taliban and safeguarding our interests in Afghanistan like protection of Indian investment projects and protection of minorities. And more importantly, the Taliban’s assurance that it will not aid Pakistan in Kashmir.

The other option we have is to support the resistance movement in Afghanistan. Now, we are on ourselves because without much USA support, the international community cannot do anything that will affect the Taliban’s intention. And we know that the USA is not going to land its feet again in Afghanistan.

Only with India’s support the resistance movement in Afghanistan can’t gain anything. So it is necessary for India to take some early actions for safeguarding our interests because the Taliban is now a reality and they will not let them control of Afghanistan going away from their hands in the near future.

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