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Surgical Strike: Know Why 4 Para SF and 9 Para SF Were Chosen?

Aftermath the Uri terror attack, the blaze of revenge was igniting on the Indian side, especially within Para SF. After ten days, according to the sources, 4 Para SF and 9 Para SF carried out the Surgical Strikes in PoK at multiple locations, the terrorist launchpads were destroyed keeping the motto of Para SF as “Minimum Men, Maximum Impact”.
Let us see the possible reasons why most of the operatives of surgical strikes were from 4 and 9 Para SF.


4 Para SF (Daggers) and 9 Para SF (Pirates) are one of the oldest Units in the Parachute Regiment. The units were raised in 1961 and 1966 respectively. Hence the units have a rich history of operations.

9 Para SF History
Old Picture of 9 Para SF


The Operatives of 4 Para SF and 9 Para SF are specially trained in Mountain Warfare, Counter-Insurgency, and Counter-Terrorism. The training is conducted at Special Forces Training School Nahan, Commando School Belgaum, Paratroopers Training School Agra, Counter-Insurgency, and Jungle Warfare school Vairengte.

Para SF Training
Para SF Training


Both units, 4 Para SF and 9 Para SF are permanently based in Kashmir Valley to conduct highly secretive and specialized Counter Insurgency Operations across Kashmir Valley and LoC. During Surgical Strikes, the 4 Para SF entered PoK from the Kupwara sector and 9 Para SF entered from Poonch Sector.

Surgical Strikes 4 Para SF and 9 Para SF
9 Para SF in Kashmir Valley


4 and 9 Para SF have rich experience of Counter Insurgency Operations in Valley. During Operation Mandhol in 1971, the 9 Para SF raided the Pakistani Artillery Positions, for this gallantry act the 9 Para SF was conferred with “Theatre honour of J&K” and were honoured as “Defender of Poonch”. In 1987, the 9 Para SF was actively involved in Operation Pawan conducted in Sri Lanka. Recently in the year 2020, the 4 Para SF conducted Operation “Randori Behak” to neutralize terrorists.

Operation Randori Behak: 4 Para SF

Joint Exercises

The Para SF conducts various bilateral special forces exercise with friendly Nations. The Para SF units participate alongside US Special Forces in Vajra Prahar Exercise, INDRA Exercise with Russian Special Forces and recently concluded Khanjar Special Forces exercise with Kyrgyzstan.

Para SF Joint Exercise alongside with US Special Forces


The 4 Para SF and 9 Para SF operate a wide variety of weapons according to the operational requirements.

Para SF Operatives with Assualt rifles and Machine Guns
  1. Beretta Semi-Automatic Pistols
  2. Uzi Sub Machine Gun
  3. TAR-21 Assualt Rifle
  4. IWI Galil Sniper Rifle
  5. Negev and PKM Machine Guns
  6. Carl Gustaf and B-300 Shipon Rocket launcher

The Following Officers/Jawans Were Conferred With Gallantry Awards For Surgical Strikes 4 Para SF and 9 Para SF

Lt Col (then Major) Rohit Suri, Kirti Chakra, 4 Para SF
Major Rajat Chandra, Shaurya Chakra, 4 Para SF
Major Deepak Kumar Upadhyay, Shaurya Chakra, 9 Para SF
Captain Ashutosh Kumar, Shaurya Chakra, 4 Para SF
Nb Sub Vijay Kumar, Shaurya Chakra, 4 Para SF
Paratrooper Abdul Qayum, Shaurya Chakra, 9 Para SF
And 13 Sena Medal Gallantry awards were also conferred to the operatives of the Surgical Strikes Team.

Col Kapil Yadav, Commanding officer of 9 Para, and Col Harpreet Sandhu, Commanding Officer of 4 Para, were awarded the Yudh Sewa Medal.

For insertions and Evacuations, ALH Dhruv and Local Transport Vehicles were used.


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