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Salary & Allowances Of Para Special Forces

Hello Defence Lovers, Youth of India aspires to join the world most formidable army, the Indian army. Along with the pride of serving the nation, army personnel get the perks and benefits from the Indian Government. Indian armed forces are not only known for their stature and grit but also for providing best facilities to their officers and soldiers. The 7th central pay commission has made considerable modifications in the salary structure. Besides, it has made packages of army personnel more lucrative along with several allowances.

The salary of defence personnel varies according to rank and hence responsibility. Higher the rank, more is the pay scale. However, salary also depends on other factors like nature of work, level of risk involved, nature of place etc. but the basic pay scale is always same. Here in this article, let’s have a glance at the salaries of respective ranks and allowances provided to Indian army brave-hearts.

RANKSALARY (without allowance)
Lance Naik21,700
Naib Subedar35,400
Subedar Major47,600
Lieutenant Colonel1,21,000
Major General1,44,200
Lieutenant General1,82,000

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Salary Of Para SF Commandos

Para SF is one of the most prestigious special force of not only India but the entire globe. All the soldiers and officers dream to grab opportunity to join this elite force. The ceremonial title of ‘Red Devil’ along with  iconic maroon beret and Balidaan badge are enough inspiration to join Para SF battalion. After joining the army, the commandos undergo hardcore written and physical tests. Thereafter, they proceed for the toughest training of the world and emerge as ‘the bravest of the brave’.

Commandoes of Para regiment are awarded special or extra salary because of the rigorous nature of their profession. Over and above the standard army allowances which are authorized depending upon the sector where an individual serves, a sepoy rank soldier of Para SF gets  Rs. 17,300/-per month as special forces allowance and Rs. 6000/-per month in Para battalion as para pay. The para SF commandos on an average gets pay scale of around Rs. 74,000/-per month to Rs. 1,64,000/-per month depending upon the designation. Besides , paratroopers get exposure of serving and training with foreign armies and other special allowances.

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Allowances Given To Paratroopers And A-Grade Officers Of Army

  • Lifelong Pension
  • Transportation allowance
  • Medical allowance
  • Dearness allowance
  • Housing allowance
  • Kit Maintenance allowance
  • Field area allowance
  • Parachute pay
  • Special forces allowance
  • High altitude allowance
  • Annual leave of at least 2 months
  • Casualty leave of 20 days
  • Study leave of up to 2 years with full pay and benefits
  • Encash of lave upto 300 days of last pay drawn
  • MBA program for retired officers
  • Death cum retirement gratuity and foreign postings
  • Low interest loans
  • Canteen Facilities
  • Rations, etc.

It’s not the monetary benefits that attracts the youngsters towards army but it is the pride, respect , valor , patriotism, discipline and maroon beret that magnetize them. Undoubtedly, Indian armed forces provide its best level facilities to troops and brave hearts performs their best in return. After all, who would miss this once a lifetime kind of thing.


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  1. hello sir ,i m class tenth student and i dicided to be a para sf from class 8th. but i m average in studies,y freinds sayed that u will want to krack NDA u have to be a studious boy first, and when i hered this i feel scared
    what I wil Do

    1. You don’t need to be the best you just need be bold. Bold enough to accept who you are and what are your capabilities. Just study whatever you are taught in school be regular with your studies if you still find yourself in a difficult position go for coaching and you will easily clear nda written. Then you just need to focus on ssb clear it join the army apply for para sf clear all tests and boom welcome to the party! IT’S NOT AS EASY AS IT SOUNDS!!! But still all the best!

    2. My father is also ex Army para sf . Why to scare?if you have to achieve something in life you have to work hard.I have also face the problem.rightnow I am in NCC doing 3rd year ,preparing for SSB .I believe in myself that I will definitely going to achieve my dream if I will work hard.

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