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Some Interesting Facts About the Corps of Signals

Corps of Signals is a branch of the Indian army that deals with communications and electronic warfare support for the army and operational connectivity of the navy and air force. It was formed on 15 February 1911 by Lieutenant Colonel S H Powell.

Initially, two signal companies 31st and 32 Divisional Signal companies were formed. The First Company was raised at Fatehgarh (UP) and the Second Division was raised at Ahmednagar at Roorkee on March 1, 1911. It has given important contributions in both world wars, the Sino-Indian war, the Indo-Pak war of 1947, of 1965, of 1971, and in the Kargil war.

In keeping with the 21st-century vision of the corps of Signals ‘to achieve electronic and information superiority for the effective functioning of the Indian Army’. The corps has embarked upon a multi-dimension and challenging task of establishing a converged, robust, broad, and secure Info, Communication, Tech, Electronics, and Cyber (ICTEC).

The Corps has evolved drills and procedures that ensure the provision of reliable and responsive communications to the army under harsh terrain and tough battlefield conditions.

The Signal Corps and DRDO work closely to develop command and control software and other Electronic warfare systems. Each Brigade has a Signal Company commanded by a major rank officer, While each Division and Corps have a Signal battalion commanded by a Colonel.

One of the Training centers is in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The center is responsible for military and technical training to recruits first time joining the signals corps and the other Training center is in Goa.

The Military College of Telecommunication Engineering (MCTE) at Mhow has early beginnings in 1946. The College continues to be the premier institution of the Corps.

The Motto of Corps of Signal is “Teevra Chaukas” which means Swift and Alert.

The Corps of Signals has state of art communication techniques as per the requirement of the Indian Army. Army Wide Area Network (AWAN), ASCON phase -III, Large VSAT or the satellite networks, and the ambitious Defence Communication Network (DCN) are some prestigious communication projects of Signal Corps.

The corps of the Signal motor Cycle Rider Display team popularly known as “THE DAREDEVILS” consists of volunteer dispatch riders who are not only proficient in their trade but also possess self-determination, mental alertness, unmatched courage, physical stamina, and precision in handling of motorcycles. The team comprises of 01 Officer and 36 Other Ranks.

Captain Tania Shergill of Corps of Signals was the first Indian women Parade Adjutant to lead all man contingent at the Republic day parade and Army Day Parade. Recently permanent commission for women soldiers is given in these corps also.



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