NATO Like Alliance to Counter China: Pros & Cons

On Monday a statement was released by the US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegun, who offered India to form a NATO-like alliance with Japan and Australia. The US claims that this Quad Defence Pact is necessary to counter China in the Indo-Pacific region.

After the release of the statement from the US, China suddenly mentioned that this pact will not be helpful for India to solve the issues. And requested that the issues should be solved through diplomatic and military talks, which continuously failed since the last few months. But, suddenly after the talks started about the Quad Defence Pact, China showed some interest in diplomatic talks.

US had signed many defence pacts with many countries in the past, to maintain peace in the areas such as NATO, the Rio Treaty, etc. And all of them proved to be a big success, and let the countries able to spend more on their infrastructure and education instead of expenditures on defence.

A report on Chinese newspaper Global Times


  • Defence pact will increase safety across the borders and will decrease the threats of war.
  • The pact will avert the risk of a two-front war with China and Pakistan.
  • The pact will help India to decrease expenditure on Defence and will let India spend more on infrastructure, education, and other essential requirements for development.


  • Russia will not accept the Quad pact, and this will arouse as a very big problem for India, as nearly 70% of present Indian defence equipment are Russian made.
  • To counter the quad pact China will try to form an alliance with Russia and Pakistan.
  • The pact will increase the presence of US soldiers in India.
  • If any other country will start a war with China, India will be forced to join them.

Considering these advantages and disadvantages, there will be two possibilities if the quad pact will be signed:

  1. There will be peace in the upcoming years for India across the borders. And Pakistan and China will no longer be a concern for India.
  2. China will sign a pact with Russia and Pakistan, this will directly lead to a cold war between the nations. And maybe a war can take place if the situation gets out of control.

Rajnath Singh with CDS Gen Bipin Rawat

The Indian government is considering all the aspects of the Quad pact, and soon India will release an official statement about the pact. Let’s hope for the best, and let’s stand shoulder to shoulder with our forces.

Jai Hind!


Dipendra Singh

I had embarked myself on the path of an army officer who will live on his own terms, for a good cause and will embrace the death with glory, whenever it will arrive .

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  1. India should focus on atma nirbhar theory
    by building its own ally with middle east and Africa instead of acting on US dictation,thus both china and US will compit to take advantage of Indian mkt. And we will be free to decide our issues by our condition

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