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How To Clear NDA Exam In First Attempt ?

All our lives, we have been appearing for various examinations, big and small. There are students who put in all their efforts and there are those who choose smart work rather than hard work. Cracking defence examinations like NDA is not an easy task but if you have a solid strategy then clearing it is a piece of cake.

To clear the NDA exam in the first attempt, it’s crucial to plan and execute an effective strategy.

Have a Study Plan For NDA Exam

Prepare a well-planned study schedule covering all the exam syllabus in detail. Prepare a time table and also mention the duration for each subject and stick this till your exam. Setting consistent periods of study each day helps instill discipline and eliminates procrastination.

Understand the NDA Exam Pattern

Familiarizing yourself with the exam pattern allows for focus on the areas heavily emphasized in the exam. It helps to revise and prioritize topics accordingly. Understand the paper structure, specifications, and mark allocations for different sections and subjects.

Here is the basic analysis of NDA Exam.

Weightage Based on No. of Questions

Sr. No.Subject        / TopicNo. of Questions
A.2Matrices & Determinants10-15
A.5Differential Calculus10-15
A.6Integral Calculus10-15
A.72D Geometry10-12
A.83D Geometry5-7
A. 9Statistics5-15
B.1Spotting Errors10
B.4Ordering of Sentences5-10
B.5Idioms & Phrases5-10
B.6Fill in the Blanks5-10
C.3Properties of Matter2-5
C.4Heat & Thermodynamics2-5
C.5Waves & Oscillations2-5
C.7Electricity & Magnetism5-8
C.8Modern Physics2-5
D.1Basic Concepts & Atomic Structure5-7
D.2Carbon & its Compounds2-5
D.3Metals & Non-metals2-5
D.4Acids, Bases & Salts, Oxidation, Reduction2-4
D.5Important Chemical Compounds5-8
F.1World & physical Geography10-16
F.2Indian Geography5-10
G.1Ancient India2-4
G.2Medieval India2-4
G.3Modern India7-10
G.4World History2-4
J.Current Affairs5-10

Take Practice Tests

A high score in the exam is often achieved by taking frequent mock tests. This hurdle can be removed with Future Faujis well researched and thoughtfully designed NDA Test Series Bundle. You’ll get the following test series for practice:

  1. NCERT Based Test Series
  2. Topic wise Test Series
  3. Subject wise Test Series
  4. Previous Year Papers
  5. Full length Mock Test Papers

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Take Mock Tests

Regular mock tests tremendously help in figuring your strengths and weak points in various subjects. The analysis of your performance in these mock tests can guide you to the topics where you might need additional improvement.

Test series and mock tests give a perfect idea of what the actual NDA exam looks and feels like. As these are designed in the pattern of real exams, candidates get—

  • A mental map of the exam: With NDA Test Series candidate can understand the paper pattern. This could include the format, sections, arrangement of questions, etc.
  • The dynamics of time management: Test Series help candidates understand how to divide time across sections effectively.
  • Experience with tricky and complex questions: Practicing from test series makes it easier to identify problem-solving patterns.

The main point to keep in mind is that NDA exam is a competitive exam. To excel in this exam and to ensure your name in the result sheet, you must beat the other aspirants. You need to give extra efforts than the others. How you’ll do it? You’ll have to practice more and more than others and prepare yourself hard for the NDA exam.

Take specially Designed Full Length NDA Mock Tests along with NDA Previous years Papers  from Future Faujis and concrete your chances of success.

Regular Revision

Consistent revision is necessary to keep a grasp on all topics covered. Preferably, one should revise the studied subjects weekly.

Stay Updated about Latest News

Since the NDA exam includes questions on current events and general knowledge, reading newspapers and staying updated

Brush up Your General Knowledge

Check if there have been any recent revisions in current affairs and general knowledge related to India’s history, geography, and polity. Being abreast of such updates boosts your score and overall confidence during the examination

Make Notes

Creating bullet-point notes on topics you study might come in handy during your last-minute revisions. It allows you to take a quick glance at all studied content and is likely to fill gaps in your memory.

Time Management

Time management is a key factor in successfully answering all questions in the exam within the allocated time so, practice as per the actual exam timeline. The “Future Faujis Test Series” incorporates strict time limits for each mock test, helping aspirants learn to allocate time efficiently to different sections. By practicing under timed conditions, candidates can improve their speed and accuracy, ultimately maximizing their scores.

Thorough revision

Ever underestimated the help a good revision gives before an exam session? Understand and revise all key concepts, preferably a couple of times. It helps to retain topics longer.

Stay Consistent

Maintaining steady and consistent preparation offers so much benefit. Cramming a bunch of content a few days before the exam could lead to stress, confusion, and exhaustion. Always choose consistency over speed while studying, this will provide a smooth and effective learning experience.

Prioritize Health

Study sessions should be balanced with regular exercise and a healthy diet to alleviate stress and maintain optimal brain functioning.

Stay Away from Exam Stress

Try as much as possible not to panic before and during the examination. Stress can actually impair your performance. Engage in relaxation exercises such as deep breathing or meditation for optimum performance.

Take decent Sleep

Prioritize a good night’s sleep over late-night study marathons, especially before the actual exam day. Ample sleep is necessary for maintaining concentration, memory, and learning functions of the brain which, in turn, significantly boosts your performance in the exam

Stay Positive

Maintain a positive attitude towards your studies and the upcoming exam. Doubt or negativity can hinder your progress. So, keep faith in your efforts and believe in your abilities.

NDA 2 2023

Be Disciplined

Discipline is not just about sticking to a predetermined schedule but also about adhering to healthy lifestyle habits that complement your study efforts. A well-organized, disciplined student is far more likely to grab success than the one who studies haphazardly.

Above all, remember that consistency, a positive mindset, comprehensive understanding of your study material, and disciplined execution of your study plans summarize the key to clearing the NDA exam in the first attempt. Cracking the NDA 2 2023 exam is undoubtedly a challenging task, but with the right preparation and guidance, it is achievable. So, if you aspire to join the prestigious NDA, don’t underestimate the power of “Future Faujis Test Series” in realizing your dreams and serving the nation with honour and pride.



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