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Geo-Political Impact & Benefits Of G-20 Meeting In J&K To India

Why did Israel become part of the I2U2 group along with the United Arab Emirates, abandoning its decades-long enmity with Muslim countries? Because according to the Ibrahim Accord, the UAE and Bahrain have announced that they recognize Israel as a country and will open their embassy there. And India wants the same recognition from the whole world for PoK and J&K that the entire Jammu and Kashmir region is an integral part of India. And to make this dream come true, India has played a brilliant geopolitical move. And some meeting of the G-20 summit to be held in India in 2023 has been decided to be held in J&K.

But what will India gain from such recognition and what are the challenges to be faced in implementing this plan for India?

Geo-Political Impact & Benefits of G-20 Meeting in J&K

If this plan of India proves to be successful then India will get the following benefits.

1. Geo-Political Edge To India On J&K Against Pakistan

The dispute between India and Pakistan has been going on since 1950 regarding J&K. India claims the entire area of J&K as its integral part based on an Instrument of Accession signed in October 1947. Pakistan claims most of the area of J&K is based on the majority Muslim population. Whereas, China claims the largely uninhabited areas of Shaksgam Valley and Aksai Chin to be part of its Xinjiang province.

Today India controls 55% area of ​​Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan 30% area and China controls 15% land. From the 1950s, Pakistan started sponsoring several terrorist groups by forming them to break J&K from India. Even in UNSC, Pakistan has tried to target India many times by citing Human Rights Violence in Kashmir. The Pakistani government runs a lot of propaganda about Kashmir in its own country and plays vote-bank politics based on the Kashmir issue.

G-20 Summit is made up of the 19 most powerful countries in the world, In which Argentina, Brazil, France, India, Australia, Mexico, Turkey, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), The Republic of Korea, Italy, Russia, Canada, South Africa, Indonesia, China, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and the European Union.

Being a group of the world’s biggest economies, G-20 represents 90% of global GDP, almost 80% of international trade, and 2/3 of the global population. The main objectives of the G-20 Group are to solve the issues of the global economy, establish financial security and stability, prevent climate change and promote sustainable development.

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Since the top officials and prime leaders of the world’s economically powerful and stable countries will gather in Jammu and Kashmir for the G-20 summit meeting, the people’s confidence in the democratic system of India will increase further. And the dirty image of India created by Pakistan in the world through propaganda about J&K will be shattered like a house of sand.

With this, the message will go to the world that Kashmir Valley, once famous for terrorism, is hosting its first International Summit with the world’s top leaders today. Apart from this, Pakistan will not be able to run any propaganda in UNSC regarding Kashmir. And if in future India attacks Pakistan to take back POK, then we will get crucial Geo-political support from all over the world.

2. Boost Tourism in Valley

Now, it is well known that J&K is naturally a very beautiful place. And it is one of the favorite tourist destinations for foreign tourists as well as Indians. But the terrorism spread in the Union Territory of J&K, especially in the Kashmir Valley, prevents tourists from enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature. However, since the abrogation of Article 370, there has been a steep decline in terrorist activities in the Valley. At the same time, year after year, the number of tourists in Kashmir is making new records by reaching the highest level. But it will still take a long time to clear the image of Kashmir from the minds of the tourists and hosting the G-20 meeting will be a milestone in this.

Because when the top diplomats of the G-20 countries take stock of the situation here, then the insecurity in a common man will also end. And its effect will be seen in the form of an increase in the number of tourists. If tourism increases, many Kashmiris will get employment, which will improve their household economy. And when Kashmiri youth will be engaged in the job then the situation will be normal soon because it will be difficult for Militant groups to recruit local Kashmiris.

3. Development of Infrastructure in J&K

Why do you need an international airport when there are no foreigners in your city? This means that infrastructure development is possible only when it is needed. And looking at J&K, there are 2 domestic airports and 1 international airport because otherwise there is no manufacturing industry and no IT hub. Yes, there is a strong tourism industry due to natural beauty, which also could not achieve its maximum potential due to terrorism.

But after the removal of Article 370, many domestic and international companies started projects with the help of the government. and infrastructure development was promoted. See, infrastructure development and tourism go hand in hand. It is certain that after the G20 meeting, the fear among the people will end to a great extent, then tourism, education, and domestic and international trade will all increase. And for all this infrastructure will also have to be developed.

In simple words, if 10,000 more tourists will come, then accommodation, food, transport, electricity, and most importantly security will also have to be increased in the same proportion for them.

4. Kashmiri People Trust Democratic Structure.

Check out this photo and review the change with your own eyes. On one hand, Kashmiri youth are pelting stones at the Indian Army soldiers, and on the other hand, local Kashmiri civilians are joined by Army officers to bid goodbye to Corps Commander Lt Gen DP Pandey on his retirement. And the G-20 meeting will also inspire Kashmiri civilians to join the mainstream with small changes.

Change in Valley after removing Section 370
Change in Valley after removing Section 370

Think how proud it is for every Kashmiri that India will host an important meeting of its first G-20 summit in J&K. Along with this, it will also be the first International Summit of the Union Territory of J&K.

Due to this, every Kashmiri living on the Indian side will feel a big difference in respect from the Kashmiris in POK. This will deepen their faith in India’s judicial system and democratic structure.

Challenges Against India To Hosting This Meeting

To execute this plan successfully, the biggest challenge for the Indian Government and Armed Forces is – Security. After announcing the meeting of the G-20 summit in Kashmir by Indian officials, statements were made against it by Pakistan and China. Pakistan’s diplomacy is not strong enough to get the world leaders to boycott this summit. But Pakistan can stop the Kashmir meeting by increasing terrorist events in the Union territory. That is why the Indian Security Agencies and the Armed Forces have to ensure the security of all the officials. At the same time, Pakistani infiltration and terror activities happening in Kashmir will also have to be stopped because no country would like to send its diplomats to a place where daily encounters take place.

Apart from this, Pakistan will try to boycott it from its ally countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and China but its chances of success are very less. Because the economy of all countries is going down due to Covid-19 and later the Russia-Ukraine war and in such situation, no country will quit participating in this big economic event.

Finally, it will be a proud moment for all of us Indians as we celebrate our victory in this fight against terrorism in front of the world. We all should pray from our hearts that this event is organized successfully. And the sacrifice of those brave warriors who were martyred in this mission to make Kashmir heaven again should be remembered.


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