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Decoding 7 New PSUs Formed From OFB: How It Could Benefit India

Hello defence lovers! Recently seven new companies were launched after the corporatisation and division of the Ordnance Factory board. We have already discussed the benefits of the corporatisation of the OFB. In this article, we are going to discuss each of the new 7 entities in detail.

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Advanced Weapons and Equipment India Limited

Advanced Weapons and Equipment India Limited is the new branch of the OFB that will manufacture small arms and artillery guns. The products will be for the domestic as well as international market. Advanced Weapons and Equipment India Limited’s headquarters is situated in Kanpur. It has inherited seven factories from the OFB which are Rifle factory Isapore, Small arms factory Kanpur, Gun and Shell Factory Cossipore, Field Gun Factory, Kanpur, Gun Carriage Factory Jabalpur, Ordnance Factory Kanpur, Ordnance Factory Project Korwa and Ordnance Factory Tiruchirappalli. This company will also manufacture small arms for the Indian civilian market.

Armoured Vehicles Nigam Limited (AVNL)

As the name suggests Armoured Vehicles Nigam Limited will manufacture the armoured vehicles for the Indian armed forces. Headquartered in Avadi, Chennai, Armoured Vehicles Nigam Limited has inherited four factories from the OFB which are Heavy Vehicles Factory, Avadi, Engine Factory, Avadi, Ordnance Factory Medak, Vehicle Factory Jabalpur. AVNL will manufacture India’s indigenously developed Arjun Main battle tanks, Indian licenced produced variant of BMP 2 and Ashok Leyland Stallion and super stallion. If more T 90s are procured through the make in India programme they will also be manufactured by this company.

Gliders India Limited

Gliders India Limited will handle the production of parachutes for the Indian armed forces. It will operate the Ordnance parachute Factory in Kanpur. It will manufacture parachutes for airdropping supplies, for Paratroopers, for airbrakes in a fighter jets, for ejection seats and for everything that uses a parachute.

India Optel Limited

India Optel Limited, a Dehradun based company that will manufacture various electrical equipment for the Indian armed forces. It will manufacture electro-optical sensors, weapon sights and various communication devices. India Optel Limited has inherited 3 factories from the Ordnance Factory board which are Opto-Electronics Factory Dehradun, Ordnance factory Chandigarh and Ordnance Factory Dehradun.

Munitions India Limited

Munition India Limited will handle the requirement of explosives of the Indian armed forces. Headquartered in Pune, Munition India limited will manufacture ammunition, explosives, rockets and bombs. It will also manufacture Pinaka Multi Barrel Rocket Launchers, High-speed low drag bomb, Fin Stabilized Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot and Shivalic Multi mode grenades.

Munitions India Limited has inherited 12 OFB factories which are Ammunition Factory Khadki, Cordite Factory Aruvankadu, High Energy Projectile Factory Tiruchirapalli (Heavy Alloy Penetrator Project), High Explosive Factory Khadki, Ordnance Factory Bhandara, Ordnance Factory Bolangir, Ordnance Factory Chanda Chandrapur, Ordnance Factory Dehu Road, Ordnance Factory Itrasi, Ordnance Factory Khamaria, Ordnance Factory Nalanda and Ordnance Factory Varangaon.

Troop Comforts Limited

Troop Comforts Limited headquartered in Kanpur will manufacture all items required for the comfort of the troops. It will manufacture various types of clothing including specialized cold climate clothing, mountaineering equipment, water storage equipment, supply drop equipment, weather covers and tents. Troop comforts Limited has inherited 4 OFB factories which are Ordnance Equipment Factory Kanpur, Ordnance Clothing Factory Shahjahanpur, Ordnance Clothing factory Avadi and Ordnance Equipment Factory Hazratpur.

Yantra India Limited

Yanta India Limited will deal with forgings, castings and metal and steel components. It will manufacture specialized components and equipment for small arms explosives and artillery. Yantra India limited has inherited seven OFB factories which are, Ordnance Factory Ambajhari, Ordnance Factory Ambarnath, Ordnance Factory Bhusawal, Ordnance Factory Dum Dum, Ordnance Factory Katni, Ordnance Factory Muradnagar, Metal And Steel Factory Ishapore and Grey Iron Foundry Jabalpur


So that was all about the seven new Public sector Undertakings formed out of the old Ordnance factory board. Now only time will tell whether these new companies will outperform the old OFB. However, this corporatisation will definitely ensure better utilisation of resources and help in identifying scopes of improvement.


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