How Strong Is China-Pakistan Alliance?

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1950, the China-Pakistan alliance has enjoyed close and friendly relations. Pakistan has emerged as the china,s close ally in the region. In a recent interview with the Pakistani media channel prime minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan’s future lies with China. China-Pakistan Alliance is further going to strengthen as the ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are deteriorating because of Pakistan’s obsession with Kashmir issue. the fault in ties with Arab countries will further Strengthen China-Pakistan Alliance as Pakistan will solely depend upon china to meet its financial needs as the country is facing an economic crisis and to Fulfill its agendas against India on international platforms. Pakistan was the first Muslim nation to recognize the communist’s people’s republic of china. Pakistan in 1963 ceded Shaksgam valley to china through Trans-Karakoram Pact.

Depth of Relations

  • China is an important ally for Pakistan as china always stands with Pakistan on every issue be it Kashmir issue or blacklisting of Pakistani terrorists, china tried to take Kashmir issue to the UNSC on the demand of Pakistan but they never got success.
  • China is investing billions of dollars in the development of infrastructural projects. under the belt and road initiative, China is working on CHINA-PAKISTAN ECONOMIC CORRIDOR Which will connect the Xinjiang province of China to the Gwadar port in Pakistan. these projects include various infrastructural works as Pakistanis considered CPEC as the game-changer for Pakistan. the cost of the CPEC is expected to be around 60 billion dollars.
  • Recently Pakistan Awards Diamer-Bhasha dam contract of 442 billion Pakistani rupees to china. this project was put on hold because of funding issues and now china will fund this dam. the dam is located in the occupied territory of India, it will infringe upon India’s sovereignty
  • China along with economic assistance is also providing state of the art military and technical assistance to Pakistan. China has played a major role in the development of Pakistan’s nuclear infrastructure.
  • China and Pakistan have begun an unprecedented intelligence sharing agreement as per the reports. Pakistan’s military is going to replace the US-made GPS Chinese navigation system BeiDou to improve interoperability.
  • The strengthening of military ties between China and Pakistan is of great concern for India’s security and stability in the region. these strong military ties are arm to counter India’s and American influence.
  • China is helping Pakistan to build its military capacity of every kind. China is providing state of the art military weapons and technology to Pakistan. these include JF 17 Thunder, Al-Khalid tanks, HQ-16 Air defence system, Eight Yuan class submarines, four advance frigates, Armed Drones.

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  • Pakistan is the gateway for China to get access to the Indian ocean and strait of Hormuz through Gwadar port. Gwadar port will connect china’s Xinjiang province to the Indian ocean. this will reduce china’s dependence on Malacca strait for its oil supplies as in case of any military conflict, the Malacca strait can be choked by India or America resulting in a shortage of supplies. China is also supposed to developing a naval base at Gwadar.
  • Pakistan always supports the stance of china on Xinjiang, Tibet, and Taiwan issues.

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What India Needs To Do?

  • India needs to address the strengthening of China-Pakistan relations at both the national and international levels. India must keep a close watch on the China-Pakistan nexus.
  • India needs to increase its engagements with QUAD members to maintain regional stability and to check the growing influence of China in the Indian ocean and south china sea.
  • With the collaboration of major allies, India needs to ramp up the connectivity project like the International North-South Corridor. India signed a major logistics sharing agreement with America, Australia, and in the coming days, India and Japan will sign a logistic sharing agreement too.
  • India needs to promote its security interests with its allies, promote the military transformation to counter the China-Pakistan Nexus.

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