Explained: Israel-UAE Peace Deal

Israel and UAE, helped by the US, have arrived at an important peace agreement or the Abraham Accord  that has the potential to change the geopolitics of West Asia and beyond.

If the agreement is signed then it will be the third time Israel has won recognition from one of the twenty-two Arab states. The first was the 1979 peace treaty with Egypt. The second was with Jordan, in 1994. It will also be the first Persian Gulf country to sign an accord with Israel.


The name Abraham is to honour the patriarch of three major Abrahamic religions of the world– Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

Abraham Accord, means that Israel will now have diplomatic and economic relations with a country that had not recognized it. In return for recognition and relations, Israel has pledged to suspend its ambitions to annex parts of the West Bank.

The West Bank is sandwiched between Israel and Jordan. One of its major cities is Ramallah, the de facto administrative capital of Palestine.


The agreement is expected to be signed by this September in the White House. According to the White House statement, delegations from the two countries will meet to set in motion bilateral ties in investment, tourism, direct flights, security, telecommunications, tech, energy, healthcare, culture, environment, opening embassies, etc. On priority, Israel and UAE will work together to find a treatment and a vaccine for Covid-19.


The international community has welcomed the deal, but Palestine, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan have denounced it.


Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that it was a “historic day” for his country and making peace with the UAE had been a “great privilege”  and  a hope for a “wonderful future” for the two countries.

The statement also said that Israel will “focus its efforts now on expanding ties with other countries in the Arab and Muslim world”. Also the US and UAE would be assisting it in achieving that goal. 


UAE stated that even after signing the agreement, it will continue extending its support to the Palestine people and the agreement would support the two-state solution between Israel and Palestine.


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas denounced the accord and describe the deal as a “betrayal” by the UAE.

The Hamas, a Palestinian Islamist militant group called it a “stabbing in the back of our people” by the UAE.


Saudi Arabia said that it will not follow the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in establishing diplomatic ties with Israel until the Jewish state has signed an internationally recognised peace accord with the Palestinians.


Pakistan cautiously reacted to the controversial deal between the UAE and Israel to normalize ties, declaring the development with “far-reaching implications.”

Imran Khan said if Pakistan accepted Israel and ignored the oppression of the Palestinians, ‘They will have to give up Kashmir as well’.


Iran Foreign Ministry called the deal a “dagger that was unjustly struck by the UAE in the backs of the Palestinian people and all Muslims.”


Turkey said history will not forget and never forgive the “hypocritical behaviour” of the United Arab Emirates in agreeing to a deal with Israel to normalise relations.


Egypt  President Abdel Fatah Elsisi praised the US-brokered peace deal and said that he followed the statement with “great interest” and appreciated the deal.


China said the historic UAE-Israel deal to establish full diplomatic relations that would see Israel halt the controversial annexation of parts of the West Bank. Also said, it is “pleased” to see measures aimed at de-escalating tensions in the Middle East.


In brief, the Israel UAE peace deal or the Abraham Accord will have great importance for Israel and the Gulf countries to establish diplomatic relations, trade, and security ties. In the coming days, we can see more Gulf countries signing a deal with Israel.


Diwakar Kumar Gupta

I am from Hajipur, Bihar and currently living in New Delhi. I am keen in gathering information about International and Defence affairs.

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