2 Pilots Lost Their Lives As Army Helicopter Crashes In Udhampur District Of J&K

An army helicopter crashed in the Patnitop area of Udhampur district in the Shivgarh Jungle above Nag Devta Mandir about an hour ago. The pilot and co-pilot Major Rohit Kumar & Major Anuj Rajput were critically injured during the helicopter crash, evacuated to the nearest medical facility but later succumbed to their injuries.

Major Anuj Rajput & Major Rohit Kumar

Two helicopters of the Army, which were on a sortie to Gulabgarh; Kishtwar area while returning to Udhampur experienced bad weather/fog around 1100 hrs today near Patnitop and one of them has crashed in a civilian area of Shivgarh area. The other landed safely.

The police have said that excessive fog in the area had reduced visibility, which may have led to the accident.

In a statement, the Indian Army said, “Today during a training sortie in Patnitop area, an Indian Army Cheetah Helicopter crash-landed in Shiv Garh Dhar area in Udhampur district. Two pilots have been injured and evacuated to the hospital.”

However, in a later update, it was said that both the personnel have passed away.


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