ISRO Invites Applications From Students And Professionals For Free Online Course On Remote Sensing

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has invited online applications from students and professionals for a free online certificate course on from students and professionals for a free online certificate course on Remote. The program is part of the Indian Space Research Organisation’s outreach initiative, which is conducted by its center Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS).

IIRS) is a premier training and educational institute set up for developing trained professionals in the field of remote sensing, geoinformatics and GNSS technology for natural resources, environmental and disaster management. Upon successfully completing the six-day course, participants will receive a certificate from ISRO based on 70% attendance and 40% in the online examination.

What Will Be Taught in the ISRO Free Online Course on Remote Sensing?

The course aims at equipping learners with knowledge on the usage of Earth Observation (EO) satellites to monitor the different degradation processes such as soil erosion, soil salinity, vegetal degradation, desertification, and so on. The following aspects will be covered under the course

  • An overview of remote sensing of land degradation.
  • Remote sensing of soil erosion.
  • Remote sensing of salt-affected soils: optical and microwave.
  • Remote sensing of vegetal degradation and desertification.
  • Mitigating land degradation and land restoration.

All the course study materials such as lecture slides, video-recorded lectures, open-source software and handouts of demonstrations, among others will be made available through the eclass platform.

Who can Apply for the ISRO Free Online Course on Remote Sensing?

The course will be most suited for professionals from the central and state governments, state watershed directorates, private organizations and NGOs engaged in land degradation mapping as well as management and planning students and researchers aligned or engaged in various aspects of land management, mitigating degradation as well as land restoration.

How to Apply for the ISRO Free Online Course ?

Interested students and professionals will have to apply on the official IIRS portal by choosing from the listed institutes and universities. Suppose their institute name is missing from the list, a designated coordinator from the institute can apply on the IIRS website by providing the organization details. Those who wish to know more about the course are advised to go through the official course brochure for any further details. The course will be conducted from 1 to 7 December 2020, and participants are advised to apply soon as only limited seats are available and applications will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis.



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