India & China Jointly Safeguarding Peace At Borders, Beijing’s Future Diplomatic Priority: Official

  • India and China jointly safeguarding peace and security along the borders and the two countries together maintaining sound development of bilateral ties are one of Beijing’s future diplomatic priorities, a senior Chinese official said here on Monday. Asked about China’s diplomatic priorities in the future as the international landscape is undergoing changes unseen in a century due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian outlined Beijing’s plans to enhance bilateral ties with the US, Russia, the European Union, Japan, and India.
  • Zhao was responding to a question by China’s official Xinhua news agency at a regular foreign ministry briefing.
  • “We will continue to improve relations with neighbouring countries,” he said. “For the China-India relationship, the two sides should jointly safeguard peace and security in the border areas and maintain steady and sound development of bilateral ties”, he said.
  • Zhao’s comments came in the backdrop of the border row between India and China in eastern Ladakh. He said China will continue to deepen strategic mutual trust and expand shared interests with its neighbours and other developing countries.
  • “We have actively planned and developed our relations with other major countries, responded rationally to the unreasonable pressure the United States has piled on China, made new progress in advancing China-Russia relations under the strategic guidance of the two heads of state and sustained cooperation as the main tone of China-EU relations,” he said.
  • The spokesman also said that China will also undertake cooperation in drug and vaccine research and development, provide assistance to countries in need to the best of its ability and improve global public health governance.

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