China National Day 2021: 72 Years Of Nuisance (Part 3)

Hello defence lovers! Communist China is going to celebrate its 72nd Foundation Day (China National Day) on 1st October. It will mark 72 years of Chinese disturbance and harassment for the World. Right now the world is irritated because of the existence of this very country. China is either directly or indirectly responsible for the disruption of world peace everywhere. In the first part, we discussed how Communist China was founded on lies and how it accumulated so much wealth through its manufacturing and used that same wealth for its debt-trap diplomacy. In the previous article, we discussed how Communist China was founded on lies and how it accumulated so much wealth through its manufacturing and used that same wealth for its debt-trap diplomacy. In this article, we are going to briefly discuss the South China Sea dispute, the Uighur Genocide in the Xinjian province of China, the state-sponsored hacking and cyber-espionage in China. We will also discuss China’s propaganda warfare, its sponsorship of terrorism and the menace of the covid pandemic that it deliberately exported to the world.

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South China Sea

Some seas in the world are named after countries that are in close proximity. But what if a country claims that entire sea just because the sea contains its name. The situation would be like India claiming the entire Indian Ocean just because it’s called the Indian Ocean. This might sound hilarious but this is what China believes about the South China Sea and wants every other country to believe.

China says that it had historical rights over the South China Sea. According to its 9 dash line concept, it claims almost all the South China sea. China has no right except its exclusive economic zone but compared to other nations China is just too strong to be wrong. China wants to exploit huge quantities of natural gas and mineral oil which is claimed to be present in the South China Sea. China keeps harassing other countries in the region and often sinks fishing boats.

We have already published a detailed article on the issue. We recommend reading it for a better understanding of the South China Sea issue.

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The Uighur Genocide: The 21st-Century Holocaust?

The communist party chief Xi Jinping is committed to becoming the next most hated dictator in the world after Adolf Hitler. To match Adolf Hitler’s level and the hatred he received from the world, he is copying his most heinous crime – the Holocaust. Like the Jews in Hitler’s Nazi Germany, the Uighurs are also forced into concentration camps in the Xinjian province of China. We have already published a detailed article on the topic. We have given the link below.

Click here to read

China: The epicentre of Cyber Espionage

China is perhaps the most advanced country in terms of cyber warfare. Chinese hackers are perhaps the best in their field. The success they have is unmatchable. State-sponsored Chinese hackers have managed to steal Billions of dollars of data of military hardware from the United States and other western countries. All major equipment used by the Chinese Armed forces is a product of cyber espionage. China has even made exact clones of some American platforms like UH 60 Black Hawk which China calls Harbin Z 20, Humvee vehicles, and many more. Even some Chinese equipment share similarities with the original American designs. Few examples are Type 99A tanks, Type 052D destroyers, so-called fifth-generation fighter J 20, and many more.

Propaganda Warfare

China is also mastering Propaganda warfare. The Chinese army has some of the best keyboard warriors in the world. They have the specialization of showing China and its army what it is actually not. These keyboard warriors extensively participate in misinformation campaigns in which they portray their country as a utopia. Things get alarming when China starts buying and controlling media houses across the globe including democracies like India and the United States. These media houses try to redefine the public opinion in favor of China. There were reports according to which many Bollywood production houses are heavily funded by Chinese investors. As a result, we don’t see as much anti-China content as anti-Pakistan content. Thus we can conclude that Chinese propaganda warfare is very much effective. But don’t worry, independent and unbiased media houses like us are still there to expose China and bring the truth to you.

China: Sponsor Of Terrorism

Right now China is perhaps the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the entire world. The Chinese never do the dirty work themselves. They always use the money to find someone who can do the dirty work for them. In this case, Pakistan does the dirty work for China. Pakistani economy indirectly runs on Chinese loans. If China doesn’t approve, then Pakistan cannot just spend millions of dollars on terrorism. There were multiple cases when Chinese arms and ammunition were recovered from terrorists. China also directly supports some insurgent groups to create unrest in North East India. It has several times blocked Massod Azar from getting designated as a UN terrorist. Pakistan is also supporting the newly formed Taliban government in Afghanistan.

Chinese Virus: A Weapon Against Humanity

The Wuhan Corona Virus or simply the Chinese virus is perhaps China’s greatest weapon. China has caused damaged the economy of the world beyond anyone’s imagination. Perhaps World War II was not as devastating as the COVID 19 pandemic. China viciously planned and exported the Chinese virus to each and every country of the world. First, it deliberately released the virus among its own population in a controlled manner and suppressed the whistleblowers who tried to warn the world. Then it allegedly bribed WHO chief Tedros Adhanom and got misleading statements from WHO which further augmented the spread of COVID 19. It has been almost 2 years fighting the Pandemic but still, patients and Covid warriors are dying every day as the world continues to burn with the Pandemic. This is the greatest damage a country could have done to the entire world. Xi Jinping has even surpassed Adolf Hitler in this regard as Nazi Germany’s damage was limited to Europe only.


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