China: The Coloniser Of The 21st Century?

Hello defence lovers! Its been 72 Years since the People’s Republic of China has established under the Chinese communist party. let us discuss why China is becoming a headache for almost all the countries in the world. In this article, we are going to discuss why China is slowly becoming the colonizer of the 21st century. We will primarily discuss how Pakistan and Sri Lanka are slowly becoming Chinese colonies. We will also explain how China is on the verge of colonising many countries across the world through its vicious economic policies.

Pakistan: China’s First Colony

If we say China is colonizing other countries, Pakistan is the most prominent example. Right from its independence from British Rule, Pakistan has burnt itself with the enmity with India. Today Pakistan exports nothing except terrorism and thus is almost bankrupt now. Over the last couple of decades, Pakistan has resorted to begging as its primary source of income. However, it is unable to repay the loans that it had gathered through its specialized skill of begging. In such a situation, comes Pakistan’s so-called friend China for its rescue. With China’s help, Pakistan repays some of its loans by taking yet another loan from China. Meanwhile, Pakistan also starts a project called the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) under which China invests more than 50 billion dollars for infrastructure development projects. The Ultimate aim was to connect Gwadar port with China’s Xinjian province. Now let us discuss the most crucial aspect- the Gwadar Port City Project.

Gwadar Port City: The First Step Towards Colonisation

It seems that Pakistan has not learned anything from the past. The colonization of India began with the British fortifying Kolkata. The British troops made their garrisons in Kolkata with the help of local authorities. They grew stronger and stronger and began challenging the Nawabs of Bengal. Eventually, they got control of the entire Bengal. That is how the process of colonization of India began. Now if we look at Pakistan’s current situation, history is repeating itself. Gwadar is going to become Pakistan’s Kolkata.

According to reports, Gwadar is being fenced. Countries do fence their international borders but no country fences its own cities to separate them from its country. According to media reports, the entire Gwadar city will have only two gates, one entrance, and one exit. This way the Pakistani agencies will regulate the movement of people. Slowly Chinese citizens will completely displace local Pakistanis and Pakistan would do nothing about it. Slowly China will enforce its own laws, issue its own passports, use its own currency in Gwadar slowly transforming it into overseas Chinese territory. From there officially the colonization of Pakistan will begin.

However, China has already become the colonizer of Pakistan. Chinese citizens roam around Pakistan like they are the absolute bosses or the Masters. They also enjoy a sort of diplomatic immunity. Recently according to reports, Chinese Engineers started carrying Kalashnikovs with them as Pakistani forces are incapable of providing security to them. The Chinese have developed an arrogant attitude of being the masters of Pakistan and the Pakistanis have no choice but to accept it.

Colombo Port City

Now let us look at another example of how China is becoming the colonizer of the 21st century. Let us understand the case of Sri Lanka and its Colombo port City project. Sri Lankan government passed the Chinese Port City Bill in its parliament despite huge opposition from the opposition party. According to them, the country will become servile to foreigners and they are absolutely correct. Through this bill, Sri Lanka sold its sovereignty and helped China to become the colonizer of the 21st century. This bill allowed China to establish its province on Sri Lankan soil. For that. Sri Lankan government allocated 269 hectares of Special Economic Zone adjacent to Colombo port. This port City will be exclusively for Chinese nationals and will have a Special passport of its own. Yuan will be the legal tender of the area. China will completely change the demography of the city. This might be the first step towards the colonization of Sri Lanka and the country is very well aware of it. But right now the greedy leadership is not far-sighted enough to realize this danger.

China: The New Coloniser Of Africa

China’s total loans to Africa exceeds $150 Billion. China presently is a leading bilateral lender in 32 African countries and the top lender to the continent as a whole. The list includes Angola ($21.5 billion in 2017), Ethiopia ($13.7 billion), Kenya ($9.8 billion), Republic of Congo ($7.42 billion), Zambia ($6.38 billion) and Cameroon ($5.57 billion),

Sorce: Ecomic Times

Africa had been previously the battlegrounds of colonizers over the last few centuries. Most of the African countries were British, French, Spanish, or German colonies. In the post-world war era, Africa slowly became independent. However, China is slowly colonizing the continent again. Let us understand how.

Many small countries of Africa are today victims of China’s debt-trap diplomacy. The poor countries readily accept the Chine loans without even realizing the dangerous terms and conditions of these loans. Many counties with huge Chinese loans are on the verge of becoming defaulters. The Chinese virus Pandemic has made the situation even worse. China viciously uses these opportunities to utilize these countries’ land for its interests. China has also culturally invaded these countries. Instead of English or French, in many African countries, Mandarin is thought in schools as a foreign language. The use of English worldwide is due to British Colonisation. Thus we can definitely conclude that China has already started the cultural colonization of Africa.


With its economic growth, China is trying to expand its boundaries by selling dreams of prosperity to poor nations. These nations must become aware of the danger of becoming a Chinese colony. International organizations like IMF and the world bank must come forward in such a situation. Small countries should have a better option to borrow money, other than China. In that way, we can only stop Chinese colonization.


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