China National Day 2021: 72 Years Of Nuisance (Part 1)

Hello defence lovers! China is going to celebrate its 72nd Foundation Day on 1st October. It will mark 72 years of Chinese disturbance and harassment for the World. Right now the world is irritated because of the existence of this very country. China is either directly or indirectly responsible for the disruption of world peace everywhere. In this article, we are going to look at all these major aspects through which China has caused trouble for the entire world.

China: Founded On Lies

On 1st October 2021, China will be celebrating 72 years of foundations. On this very day in 1949, Mao Zedong, the Chairperson of the Chinese communist party, proclaimed the formation of the People’s Republic of China. It also marked the victory over the Kuomintang Part and the end of the Chinese Civil war.

The Chinese Civil War was a civil war in China fought between the Kuomintang (KMT)-led government of the Republic of China (ROC) and forces of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) lasting intermittently between 1927 and 1949.

However, the entire country was founded over lies. The common people of China were shown unrealistic dreams of a prosperous life in a Communist utopia. They were promised schemes like Land redistribution, wealth redistribution, equal opportunities for everyone which helped in gathering public support for the communist party. However, when CCP defeated KMT and finally gained power over the entire country, all these promises turned out to be lies. Mao Zedong became a ruthless dictator and the so-called people’s liberation army ironically became the people’s impression army.

How China Became So Rich?

All the problems that China creates on the global stage are due to its enormous economic power. But how did China become so rich all of a sudden? The answer is manufacturing. By the end of the 1980s, China opened up its manufacturing sector for the world. Being an authoritarian regime, there were no labour laws in China. Foreign manufacturers saw this as an opportunity to utilise this cheap labour and bring down the production cost of their products, thus increasing their profit margin. This triggered a global shift of manufacturing as the companies which did not manufacture in China just could not compete with those who manufactured in China. Thus China slowly became the manufacturing hub of the world and grew its foreign exchange reserves exponentially through exports. These foreign exchange reserves gave China huge economic power as they now had billions of dollars to invest anywhere in the world. Being an Autocracy, the Chinese government strictly regulated the finances of its country. It never let any individual or organisation become financially so strong that they could influence or challenge the policies of the Chinese Communist Party, unlike many other democracies where rich industrialists and businessmen have significant influence over the government policies.

Now let us understand how china has been misusing its financial powers to disrupt world peace and create problems all over the world. The most significant way was its debt-trap diplomacy. Let us discuss it in detail.

The Debt-Trap Diplomacy

The topic of China’s debt-trap diplomacy is so vast that we will cover it in much greater detail in a dedicated article. For now, let us understand what it is and how it works. China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is the masterstroke that it played to initiate the process of colonising the world. It is also known as the One Belt One Road initiative or the Modern Silk Route. It lied to the world that it was an infrastructure development project aimed at reviving the ancient silk route to enhance trade among countries. According to the Chinese communist party, this project will also establish various other modern silk routes to take the trade to yet another level. But what can be expected from a nation which was founded on lies?

Ancient Silk Route: The Silk Route was a historic trade route that dated from the second century B.C. until the 14th century A.D. It stretched from Asia to the Mediterranean, traversing China, India, Persia, Arabia, Greece, and Italy. It was dubbed the Silk Route because of the heavy silk trading that took place during that period.

Under BRI China began giving billions of dollar loans to countless nations in Africa, the middle east, Central Asia, South East Asia and even countries in Europe. But the transparency of these lending was questionable. Unlike other lending organisations like the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank or Asian Development Bank, the terms and conditions of these loans were not made public. Small and poor countries accepted these loans without realising the danger involved with them. Chinese policies made these loans almost non-repayable. This often forced the small countries to grant political and economic favours to China. Few examples of such favours are the Hambantota port deal, the Colombo port city, the Gwadar port city, projects in Mozambique and many more.

To Be Continued…

In the next part of this article, we will discuss some more aspects through which China is trying to establish its hegemony over the world.

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