China National Day 2021: 72 Years Of Nuisance (Part 2)

Hello defence lovers! Communist China is going to celebrate its 72nd Foundation Day on 1st October. It will mark 72 years of Chinese disturbance and harassment for the World. Right now the world is irritated because of the existence of this very country. China is either directly or indirectly responsible for the disruption of world peace everywhere. In the previous, we discussed how Communist China was founded on lies and how it accumulated so much wealth through its manufacturing and used that same wealth for its debt-trap diplomacy. In this article, we will discuss China’s expansionist policies, its land disputes with its neighbours and the atrocities it is committing in its so-called provinces of Tibet and Hong Kong.

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Dragon’s Hunger of Land

No country on earth is as hungry for land as China is. The Dragon is infamous for its expansionist policies. It has land disputes with not only India but with Nepal, Bhutan, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Taiwan and even Russia. China claims portions of eastern Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh from India. China claims various parts of Nepal. It has allegedly annexed Rui village. China also claims to own a large chunk of eastern Bhutan including areas like Cherkip Gompa, Dho, Dungmar and Gesur. Apart from Bhutan and Nepal the communist country also alleges that it owns large parts of Laos on historical precedent dating back to the Yuan Dynasty. There are territorial disputes with Mongolia over the issue of its autonomous province inner Mongolia. Myanmar alleges China that it has created terrorist groups on its soil and is slowly encroaching its territory. Lastly, China has even claimed the Russian City Vladivostok as its territory.

The communist party of China also has an over-ambitious plan of annexing Taiwan by 2025. After that, it aspires to annex Ladakh and Anurancha Pradesh from India by 2040. However, this is a very far fetch over ambitious wishful dream of China which sadly Indian armed forces won’t let turn into reality. One thing is very much possible though that it might end up losing Aksai Chin that it has been occupying illegally since 1962. The Chinese grand plan also aims at annexing various nations like Philipines and Vietnam in the South China sea by 1945. China doesn’t even stop there. It also aims of annexing Japan by 2050. This Chinese Grand Plan is just like the Akhand Bharat concept, which is very far from reality.

One China Policy

Now let us keep aside China’s insane territorial claims for a while and discuss the issue of Taiwan. According to Communist China’s One China Policy, there is only one China that is the so-called People’s republic of China. It neither itself recognises Taiwan also known as the Republic of China nor it lets any other country recognise Taiwan officially. It believes that since the Civil war, KMT has been illegally occupying the island. Sadly all the Quad countries including India does not officially recognise Taiwan. Even under China’s pressure, Taiwan embassies all over the world are called Taipei Cultural Centres. Note that Taipei is the Capital city of Taiwan. Recently China started bullying and harassing a small European country called Luxumberg just because it used the word “Taiwan” instead of “Taipei”. But Luxemburg has retaliated by allowing Taiwan to rename the Cultural Centre as Taiwan Embassy. This is a bold move. The time has come when the world should officially recognise Taiwan.


After The Chinese Revolution in 1911, Tibet became an independent empire after the fall of the Qing Dynasty in China. During the Chinese Civil war (1912-1949) it remained an independent empire until Communist China’s invasion in 1951. The entire Tibet was forcefully merged into China. Every resistance, political or military was brutally crushed. As a result, Tibet’s spiritual and political leader Dalai Lama had to flee to India. During China’s invasion of Tibet, India was the first country to recognise Tibet as China’s part. China gave a wonderful return gift in 1962 by invading India. The government’s disastrous policies led to the loss of Indian territories despite valiant battles like that of Rezang La. India then decided to grant permission to Tibet to run its government in exile in India. Till now China is depressing the voice of Tibet through its People Suppression Army (Which it calls ironically Liberation army).

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is yet another example of China’s oppressive rule. Originally Hong Kong was part of the Main Land Chinese Empire. But the British Annexed this territory during the opium wars with China. In 1842 under the treaty of Nanking Hong Kong became part of the British Empire. During the second world war, Hong Kong saw Japanese occupation for a short duration of time. However the British soon regained control over it. Hong Kong emerged as an important port city and as the financial capital of the world. In 1997 Hong Kong was transferred to China with an agreement that China will not alter the political-economic systems of Hong Kong for the next 50 years. But as expected from the Communist party, it slowly began introducing authoritarian policies and snatching away democratic rights from Hong Kong. As of now, pro-democracy movements are at their peak in Hong Kong. The Chinese Communist Party has been brutally cracking down on the protestors through its armed goons which it called security forces. Hong Kong is another example of China’s Brutal rule.

To be continued…

In the next part of the article, we will discuss how China is creating a nuisance in the South China Sea. We will also discuss how China used the Wuhan coronavirus to create the greatest devastation across the globe since the second world war. We will also discuss how it has become the epicentre of Cyberespionage and Propaganda warfare. We will also discuss how China is heading towards another Holocaust of Uighur Muslims. We will also expose Chinese support for terrorism.


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