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Why Pakistan Supports Terrorism? (PART 1/ 2)

Hello defence lovers! In the article, we are going to analyze why Pakistan has been supporting and nurturing terrorists on its land. We would explain why we call Pakistan the land of terrorists. We would try to identify their ideology behind supporting terrorism and what objective they are trying to achieve.

NOTE: By the word Pakistan we are referring to the state, not the common people. Every common citizen in every country wants a peaceful and happy place to live. We are not spreading hatred against common Pakistani people.

Cycle of Terrorism

Whenever there is a terror attack India suspends diplomatic relations with Pakistan. India tries to build international pressure on Pakistan. Sometimes some military actions are also taken. But this cycle occurs again and again. So why is Pakistan repeating this cycle time and again? What benefit do they get out of it? Let us understand.

It is an open book secret that Pakistan uses terrorism against India to destabilize its regions such as Kashmir. Former dictator of Pakistan, Parvez Musharraf accepted that Pakistan is using terrorism against India.

Pakistan supported, trained terror groups to carry on militancy in Kashmir

Parvez Musharraf

So why Pakistan is engaged in the proxy war against India. We can get the answer in just one line. Terrorist groups are important foreign policy tools for the Pakistani Deep State to help achieve its strategic objectives.

Terrorist groups are important foreign policy tools for the Pakistani Deep State to help achieve its strategic objectives.

In order to have a better understanding of this line, we have to understand the meaning of all these terms – Pakistani Deep State, Terrorist groups, strategic objectives, and foreign policy tools.

Pakistani Deep State

In general, we say every country has its own army. But in Pakistan, the army has its own country. The term deep state refers to the combination of the Pakistani Army and the ISI. The Pakistani deep state controls all the important aspects of the governance, let it be internal security or foreign policy. The Civilian government of Pakistan is just a puppet of the deep state and does not has any power of its own. So why the Army is so powerful in Pakistan? Let us understand why.

Following the post-independence 1948-49 Kashmire war, Pakistan felt an existential threat from India. As a result for the first three years, more than 70 percent of the country’s budget went into the army’s pocket. This sow the seeds which made war a business for the Pakistani Army.

Secondly, regular military coups made the country very unstable. This made the military stronger and stronger over time and made the civilian government weaker.

Strategic Objectives

During the struggle for independence, the Muslim league’s slogan was “Islam in Danger” which was the foundation stone for demand for a separate country. The post-independence form of this slogan became ” Pakistan in Danger” and the Pakistani deep state projected this as an existential threat from so-called Hindu India. (one should note that we are using the term “Hindu India” to demonstrate Pakistan’s perspective). Thus there were three strategic objectives of the deep state:

  1. Stop India’s Rise:
  2. Seize Jammu and Kashmir:
  3. Avenge past defeats:

Stop India’s Rise

According to Pakistan if India attains the status of Global power, then it will dominate Pakistan’s internal affairs, foreign affairs, economic interests and restrict its growth as a nation. Thus Pakistan must not allow India to become a global power.

Seize Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmir was very important to Jinnah’s two-nation theory. According to Jinnah’s Two-Nation Theory all “Muslim Majority States” must be a part of Pakistan, not India. Thus Pakistan must seize Jammu and Kashmir form India.

This thought is still prevalent in Pakistan and is believed to be the root cause of all hostilities between India and Pakistan. Pakistan’s obsession with Kashmir has resulted in making a failed state where the military controls all the power and funds to nurture terrorists and common people starve in hunger.

Avenge Past Defeats

The third objective of the Pakistani deep state is to avenge the past defeats. The revenge of the 1971 Bangladesh liberation war is of utmost Importance because according to them India was the root cause of the formation of Bangladesh from Pakistan. Thus Pakistan’s aspirations are to break India into pieces to avenge its defeat in the 1971 war. Pakistan also aspires to take revenge for all the previous failed attempts to seize Kashmir such as Operation Gibraltar and Operation Grandslam. The second Strategic objective, which is seizing Kashmir is very closely associated with this objective.

So this was all about this part of our article “Why Pakistan supports Terrorism?” We will see how these objectives are totally irrational but still, Pakistan is following these. We would also understand how Pakistan interprets all these objectives in the present scenario. we would also discuss how we can bring an end to this situation.


Sheershoo Deb

I am a defense aspirant preparing to be an officer in the prestigious Indian armed forces. Earning the prestigious blue uniform is my dream.


  1. Your article is a testimonial to your analysis. The explanation was very through. Love reading your articles.

  2. You forgot to mention anoth reason why Pakistan need kashmir. And the reason is water, the indus river bodies flowing from India to Pakistan.

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