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Top Military Mobile Games: Must Play Games For Defence Aspirants

Hello Defence Lovers, in this article we are going to discuss some of the most exciting mobile games which a defence lover or aspirant must play. All the games are available on the android platform and most of these are also available for iOS.

Indian Air Force: A Cut Above [DISHA – IAF HQ]

Indian Air Force: A Cut Above is the official mobile game of the Indian airforce. it allows an airforce aspirant to get the first-hand experience of the roles of an IAF air warrior, as well as serves as a platform to apply and appear for recruitment from the comfort of his/her mobile phone.
The game has various features, including an offline single-player campaign, an online multiplayer and a career navigator information section as well as augmented reality features.

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Xplane Mobile

X plane mobile is the mobile version of X plane 11. It tries to give the same experience of X plane 11 on a smartphone. X plane mobile comes with easy controls and decent graphics. The game features a flight school where some basic functioning of instruments is explained. The game features some solo missions along with a massively multiplayer. Although the massive multiplayer is not free and asks for a yearly subscription charge. X plane mobile supports the complete start-up procedure from cold and dry conditions to warm and ready for taxiing conditions on many aircraft. The cockpits of the aircraft feature hundreds of actually functioning buttons. Most of the systems in the cockpit are working and can be used by the player. There is also a feature to program a failure of systems.

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Aerofly FS 2020

Aerofly fs 2020 like xplane mobile is the mobile version of aerofly 2. It is one of the most fascinating mobile games today. Aerofly fs 2020 is features stunning graphics, iconic aircraft, beautiful sceneries and realistic flight physics. Aerofly fs 2020 almost has everything that x plane mobile has, the only difference is that aerofly is a paid application and nothing is free here, but it’s worth every penny.

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Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat 5 is the last development of the modern combat series by Gameloft. Back in 2014, it used to be one of the most popular mobile games of that time. It featured an interesting single-player campaign along with a fast-paced multiplayer. But somehow this game lost its popularity and found itself unable to compete with its rivals.

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Air Fighters

Airfighters is one of the most engaging combat flight simulators available on the android platform. It features a huge variety of aircraft like the Mig 29k, F/a 18 super hornet, f 16/ f 22, f 35, Eurofighter Typhoon, Dassault Rafale, and much more. Airfighters provides a realistic feel of the cockpits of these aircraft on an android device! Although the weapons systems and flight physics are not that realistic but still the game is very enjoyable.

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Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is the official mobile game developed by Activision Inc. It offers the call of duty PC experience on a mobile phone. It features the iconic maps from the modern warfare and black ops series. It also has sniper vs sniper and 100 players battle royale mode. Right now after the PUBG ban, call of duty mobile is one of the most popular mobile games in India.

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World War Heroes: WW2 FPS

World war 2 is an online FPS game that takes the player to the WW2 era. The game features 7 WWII battle zones, 4 types of combat equipment from the USA, USSR, Japan, and Germany, 57 unique weapon types: pistols, rifles, machine guns, shotguns, and much more! The game also features various gaming modes such as Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Point capture,  HQ defence, and much more!

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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4 Zero hours is the fourth game of the Modern Combat series by Gameloft. This game features one of the most exciting campaigns available on android, since the primary focus while developing this game was a single-player experience unlike most of the modern games nowadays which focuses mainly on multiplayer. There are 12 exciting long missions that are as good as the call of duty missions.

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World of Warships Blitz: Gun Boat Action War Game

World of Warships Blitz is a free-to-play mobile action tactical navy battleship strategy war and third-person shooter game developed by Wargaming and is based PC version of World of Warships Blitz. World of Warships Blitz brings the World War 2 naval strategy war and action gameplay of the PC gunship battlefield to the highly immersive, quick, and fast-paced action on mobile and tablet like a real boat war simulator.

The game features 130 unique classes of ships from Japan, the U.S.A., U.S.S.R, UK or Germany and battle for ocean dominance, real world locations of the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans for immersive battles areas and much more!

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World Of Tanks Blitz 3D PVP MMO Online Tank Game

World of Tanks Blitz 3D PVP MMO online tank game is one the most enjoyable tank games available on android. It has millions of players worldwide. It features historically accurate World War II vehicles from the USSR, Germany, France, Japan, Great Britain, China, the USA, and many other countries.  experimental vehicles that have been brought to life based on blueprints created by famous real-life engineers, vehicles inspired by well-known anime series, and armoured monsters from popular alternative universes. There are more than 400 tanks to choose from! The game also features a wide variety of maps to choose from along with several game modes.

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So these were the top military games available on android and ios platforms. Tell us in the comments which one is your favourite game.


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