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A Reply To Those Who Criticize Our Forces

  • Indian armed forces are known for their valour, bravery, discipline, proficiency, ethos, and commitment to the nation not only in our nation but throughout the globe. Although these are merely a few of the qualities which we can associate with them.
  • At the very outset, it will not be wrong to claim that our armed forces had played a pivotal role in our nation’s development while giving no leniency in guarding our frontiers. Be it a natural calamity, anti-terrorist operation, or fast-paced infrastructural development, you will always find our ardent forces working day and night meticulously and robustly. The fact that they have to live in ordeal conditions, sustain with parochial and sometimes limited resources, walk-on dangerous avenues, and put their own life at stake is not obscure.
Indian Armed Force Chiefs & CDS
  • Still, they remain calm, eradicate enemies’ noxious plans and accentuate apprehension in their minds with such profoundness that they can’t even dare to think of doing any misadventure. Armed forces themselves as a paradigm have made our country proud of them. And I claim it confidently that forces are inevitable, you initiate any misadventure, endorse notorious ones and stay ready to face the sound(actually defeating) retaliation.

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  • Here a mesmerizing fact is that the forces are here to protect us not to spread any propaganda. This is a misfortune of our country that to satisfy political ambitions many politicians (belonging to almost each and every party and sect) criticize forces. Is it not disdain to sacrifices made by them for the nation? Is it fair to always keep our expectations going sky high, expecting that the forces should act as killing machines? Are they killing machines? Well, no, they are not killing machines.


  • They are humans just like us. They too have families just like us. Is it not our responsibility to provide the families of the fallen soldiers with decent compensation, which we often fail to provide. Paying homage and respect is one thing, few politicians don’t want to leave even a single chance to criticize government and forces for any casualty.
  • Few politicians even asked for proofs of covert ops done by our defence forces. Are our forces accountable to any individual or group of individuals? If they generate proof then how is the op covert? This was just the advent of political idiocracy. Few members of a party took credit from the army for their recent cross border strikes? Is it so? Don’t they understand that there is a prominent difference between sitting on a bolstered seat and sitting in the lap of death? Few anti-nationalists even claimed that Capt. Saurabh Kalia’s case was to create a distraction. Can they make such sacrifices?
  • Our forces have set their standards so high that they can’t compromise with their ethos. A fine example is the OROP protest where not a single violent demonstration took place because these fine gentlemen have learned to keep the name of the institution and nation high.

The Solution:

  • Their morale will get a boost if our political leadership supports them. And promise them their much needed IZZAT for which they can march into an inferno. Hopefully, the contemporary government has shown a sense of responsibility towards forces.


  • Our Indian armed forces work day and night to protect us. It is not easy to even get in their shoes. For the sake of humanity and the sacrifices made by them, we should always give them not only apt respect but another kind of quintessential and fiscal help. They are our forces and we should realize it. We too can serve them rather than exacerbating the situations.
  • Indian Armed Forces truly they keep their mottos:
  • Sewa Paramo Dharma” “Nabhah Sparsham DiptamSham-no Varuna” as high as possible!

Jai Hind

Note: *This article is meant to endorse love for armed forces in our nation only. And to give an apt reply to those who understand it their rightful duty to criticize forces. This article should not be linked with the contemporary or past political scenario. This article does not express any kind of political criticism.


Chaitanya Shukla

I am a defence aspirant and an army enthusiast. I am committed to ardently work for my nation and for my people! From Rashtriya Military School Chail.


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