President Ram Nath Kovind Boards Inaugural Air India One B777

Key HighLights:

  1. Air India One B777 is the call sign for the VVIP aircraft used by the president, vice president and prime minister.
  2. The aircraft has state-of-the-art interiors with reduced noise levels.

The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind boarded the Air India One – B777 aircraft for the inaugural flight to Chennai today (November 24, 2020). He is visiting Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh to offer prayers at the Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple.

This is the first flight of the Air India One – B777 aircraft with the Head of State on board. The aircraft is fuel-efficient and has a longer range than the B747-400 that are deployed for similar VVIP operations. The aircraft has state-of-art interiors with reduced noise levels.

On the occasion of the inaugural flight of Air India One – B777, President Kovind commended pilots, crew members and the entire team of the Air India and the Indian Air Force for operating the state-of-the-art aircraft and facilitating VVIP movements within India and on state visits abroad.

India recently received its much-awaited new generation of VVIP aircraft at the Delhi International Airport. The VVIP aircraft are Boeing 777-300 ER duo which will be used by the Prime Minister and President of India on their official tours and arrived from Boeing’s facility in the US. The Boeing 777 will replace the ageing Boeing 747 currently in service.

The new planes, for the first time, get self-protection suites for the aircraft in the form of infrared and electronic warfare countermeasures suites, countermeasure dispensing systems and missile warning sensors.


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