List Of Weakest Militaries in The World

There are many countries that are spending a big part of their GDP on defence. But there are many countries which can’t spend on their militaries or don’t want to. Here is the list of the countries which are considered weakest in the field of defence.

Luxembourg: Luxembourg is a landlocked country in Western Europe. A country with an area of less than 1000 square miles doesn’t felt the need to build up a powerful army. Luxembourg has 400 active soldiers out of which 100 are civilians. Being small in numbers, Luxembourg still has a budget of worth $369 Million, which is a very big amount for such a small military. They even fought in both world wars and the Korean war. Luxembourg posses 17 aircraft in its arsenal.

Luxembourg Army

Tonga: Tonga is located in the south pacific ocean, 700 m from Fiji. Tonga is a country of 169 Islands with a population of 1,03,000. Tonga’s defence budget is worth $5 million, 0.9% of its Economy. Tonga’s military has 700 active personnel. With such a smaller military in numbers, they have fought World War I and were also deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. They posses 2 aircraft in their arsenal.

Antigua and Barbuda: It is a twin-island country in the Caribbean sea with a population of 91,000. Its defence budget is worth $10 million and has 245 active personnel. Its main task is to reduce the criminality in the seas. Its arsenal has 7 active boats, which are working as part of Coast Guards. Its military personnel was deployed in Haiti & Trinidad to deal with the conflicts.

Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force

Saint Kitts & Nevis: It is a two-island country in the West Indies with a population of 55,000. Its military has 300 active personnel. Its maritime unit has a job of dealing with internal strife and policing the local water. It’s Coast Guard has 1 boat donated by the United States of America.

Though there are some countries too, which doesn’t possess military at all. But most of them had signed the military pacts with countries like America & France. And some of them are peaceful countries which don’t feel the need of having a military, because of having peace across the borders. Though all countries don’t have this privilege, such as countries like India, China & Pakistan who always have tension across their borders.


Dipendra Singh

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  1. Just as there is a country carrying the title ‘best military in the world,’ there is a country carrying the reputation ‘worst military in the world.’ There are 10 Worst Militaries in the World, that include: Bhutan, Kosovo, Somalia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Suriname, North Macedonia, Central African Republic, Panama, Montenegro. This is according to the Global Fire Power Index.

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