Indian Army Helping 700 Afghan Personnel Present In Country

(This News Is Originally Posted On TOI By Rajat Pandit)

From psychological counseling, an extension of visas by six months and proposed scholarships for further studies to facilitating immigration to other countries or even their return to Afghanistan, the Indian Army is providing all possible help to the around 700 Afghan military officers, soldiers, and cadets in the country.

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The 700 Afghan military personnel, who also have about 100 `dependents’ with them, were attending training courses at different Indian military academies and establishments when the Taliban took over their landlocked country in mid-August.

 Indian Army trains Afghan Army women officers in Chennai

India was annually providing the fledgling Afghan National Army with around 1,000 vacancies in its various institutions, ranging from the Indian Military Academy at Dehradun, Officers’ Training Academy at Chennai, and National Defence Academy at Khadakvasla to the Army War College and Infantry School at Mhow, School of Artillery at Deolali and College of Military Engineering at Pune. On December 11, for instance, 40 Afghan gentlemen cadets passed out of the IMA.

“The Army has been taking proactive measures, in consultation with the defence and external affairs ministries, to help the Afghan military personnel stranded in India,” a senior officer said.

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