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Counter Measure Technologies: A New Player In The Indian Small Arms Market

Hello defence lovers! Since the country’s independence, the Indian government had been reluctant to privatise the small arms market of India. However, the civilian gun market is almost non-existent in India when compared to the western countries due to the highly complicated license acquisition procedure. Thus for decades, the Indian Ordnance Factory Board had a monopoly in the segment. Apart from the OFB, there were few small gun makers who have been making guns since the pre-Independence era. Due to the monopoly of the OFB, there was no innovation in the Small Arms sector in India, which resulted in poorly designed weapon systems like INSAS, and several failed projects. But all this changed in 2019 when the Government decided to allow private players to manufacture small arms. The SSS defence emerged as the leading company. However, there are other emerging players. One such player is Counter Measure Technologies. In this article, we are going to discuss this new private player in the Indian small arms market

About Counter Measure Technologies

Counter Measure technologies is a Joint venture company that has collaborated with Czech small arms manufacturer CZ, British manufacturer Steel Core Design and Austrian manufacturer Glock. It has a variety of products to offer to the Indian Government and Police Forces. As of now, it does not offer anything to the Civilian market. It has its 300-acre manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu’s industrial corridor. Now let us look at the products it offers to the government


Counter Measure Technologies offer a complete range of firearms ranging from pistols to Sniper rifles. Let us first discuss the pistols.


CMT has a collaboration with Glock under which it offers various models to Government and other law enforcement organizations. The most popular model is Glock 17. It also offers other models such as Glock 19, 26, 43, 45, and 48 which are chambered in 9×19 Parbullem. It will also offer various models in the Civilian market. These models are Glock 21, 30, and 36 (Chambered in .45 ACP which is a non-prohibited bore in India). It will also offer Glock 44 chambered in .22 Long Rifle. It will also offer some less popular chambers such as .380 ACP, .357, and .40.

Submachine Guns

CMT offers only one submachine gun in its entire range. It is called CMT-CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1. It is originally designed by Czech CZ. It is already in service with several police forces around the world.

CMT describes Scorpion as a “Lightweight automatic firearm that uses a patented system of sliding bearing massive dynamic breach on the detachable trigger housing. The main advantages of the CMT CZ SCORPION EVO 3 A1 submachine gun include sophisticated ergonomics, high accuracy in all shooting modes and absolute reliability, confirmed extensive exploitation methods from around the world” on its website. Click here to read more.

Assault Rifles

CMT offers the CZ Bren assault rifles and their variants under transfer of technology. CZ Bren is the primary rifle of the Czech armed forces. It is already in service with many nations around the globe. some of these nations are Hungary, Poland, Argentina, etc.

CMT describes Bren’s battle rifle, assault rifle, and carbine. Click here to know more about their products.

Sniper Rifles

CMT has received cutting-edge sniper rifle technology from Steel Core design, a British firm under transfer of technology. It offers sniper rifles of various calibers.

CMT Cyclone HSR

Cyclone is a bolt-action Sniper Rifle that is chambered in .50 BMG. IT can be used for long-range Snipping roles as well as anti-material roles. CMT describes the rifle as :

The CMT CYCLONE HSR rifle offers uncompromising performance and accuracy. Ergonomically designed with the unparalleled build quality our customers have come to expect. This weapon is ideally suited for accurate long range interdiction using ball, tracer, AP, API ammunition against hard targets. This weapon comes with a fitted foam, rigid, waterproof case as standard.

Description given by CMT

CMT Hurricane SF / SF Ultra

The CMT HURRICANE SF rifle offers uncompromising performance and accuracy with a simple light weight design. It is ergonomically pleasing with the unparalleled build quality our customers have come to expect. The compact design makes this weapon ideal for Law Enforcement, Special Forces and Government Agency applications.

Decription by CMT

CMT Thunderbolt 

CMT thunderbolt is a .338 Lapua Magnum sniper rifle. It can fulfill all the requirements of the Indian army. It is similar to SSS defence’s Viper.

The CMT thunderbolt rifle offers uncompromising performance and precesion. Featuring our unique polymer coated rifle stock, designed to excel in the harshest operating environments experienced by the modern day soldier. It is both ergonomically pleasing with the unparalleled build quality our customers have come to expect. Ideal for Law enforcement, Military and Government Agency application.

Description by CM

So this was all about the emerging counter-measure technologies. Let us know in the comments if we should cover each weapon in detail and analyze their capabilities.


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