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Things You Should Know About India’s Hypersonic Tech

On the 7th of September, India successfully tested the Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle developed by DRDO. The vehicle attained speed up to Mach 6, making India 4th in the row after Russia, USA, and China. Scientists consider this as a great development in the field of Defence and Research.

What is Hypersonic technology?

The technology which enables rockets and missiles to travel at Hypersonic speed is considered as Hypersonic technology. Hypersonic speed is also called Supersonic on steroids and considered the fastest of the fastest. Hypersonic speed equals 5-6 times the supersonic speed i.e Mach6. Vehicle traveling with Hypersonic speed can even break the molecules of the particles coming across the way with vibration.

HSTDV launching

The vehicle attained the speed of Mach6 at an altitude of 30 km. The engine technology used in the vehicle was the Scramjet.

What is the Scramjet Technique?

Rocket engines need oxygen as a fuel to travel, and it’s provided within engines. But Scramjet engines use Oxygen from the atmosphere. To attain supersonic speed it is necessary to get Oxygen from the atmosphere, hence it was mandatory to use the Scramjet technique. Soviet Union was the first to invent this technique and followed by the USA, China & India. This technique can be used in rockets and missiles.

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Benefits of HSTDV:

  • This technology will enable missiles to travel at higher speed within less period of time, which will eventually reduce the traveling time.
  • This technology will enable us to decrease the fuel expenses, by reducing the oxygen supply.
  • This technology will enable us to decrease the fuel weight load.

Although this technology possesses a disadvantage that at supersonic speed there will be a probability that missiles may miss their targets. DRDO is working to make out the best from the technology and we are pretty sure that they will take it to new heights of achievement.


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