Suspected Terrorists Trained By ISI In Karachi For 15 Days: Intel

(This was originally posted in News18 by Manoj Gupta)

Two suspected ISI-trained terrorists who were arrested during an anti-terror raid by the Delhi Police last month were given theoretical and practical training in weapons and explosives for 15 days, complete with a farewell on the last day, on Pakistani soil, News18 has learnt. Sources in the Indian intelligence apparatus told News18 how the duo — 22-year-old Osama and 28-year-old Zeeshan Qamar – made their way from Lucknow to Oman to Iran and finally Pakistan, retracing the same route back, primarily on speedboats.

Osama and Qamar had been arrested along with Jaan Mohammad Sheikh (47) alias Sameer, Moolchand (47), Mohd Abu Bakar (23) and Mohd Amir Javed (31) on September 14 following raids in Delhi and parts of UP. The Pakistan-organised terror module was allegedly planning several blasts across the country, including in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, during the festivals of Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri and Ramleela.

The Maharashtra anti-terrorism squad had claimed that Jaan Mohammad Sheikh had links with the D-company around 20 years ago. D-company is a reference to the underworld criminal syndicate controlled by fugitive don Dawood Ibrahim.

According to sources, Osama left Lucknow for Omani capital Muscat onboard a Salaam Air flight on April 21, 2021. He was received there by a Bangla-speaking cab driver who took him to a hotel in Boshar and handed him over to the hotel manager, a Pakistani national. Sources added that Osama met Qamar at his hotel. The duo stayed put at the hotel for seven days to complete mandatory Covid-19 quarantine as per Oman government rules.

Following the completion of the quarantine period, they were taken to Al-Khadra where they were received by a Bangladeshi national and taken to a secluded home where around 15 illegal Bangladeshi migrants were already present, sources said.

After four days, they were allegedly taken to the Sohar Shore where they boarded a speedboat for Bandar-e-Jask in Iran. The five-hour journey in open water gave them sunburns and dehydration. On reaching their destination, an Irani national reportedly took them to his home from where they undertook another 10-12 hours journey to Chabahar Port.

Sources said that two days later, they boarded a boat to get closer to Pakistan’s Jioni shore. They were received mid-sea by a Pakistani and taken to the Jioni shore where they were received by a Colonel with security guards and three cars. From there, they undertook a nine-hour road trip to reach a farmhouse in Karachi, sources added.

At the farmhouse, the duo were trained for 15 days in making and handling IEDs and explosives. Sources said they were also taught how to set fire at a commercial market or building without leaving any trace, how to handle AK-56 and Barettas, were giving target practice and radicalized further by religious men who told them they were fighting jihad for Islam. At the end of this training, they were given a farewell party at the farmhouse, sources added.

Over the next few days, the duo retraced their way back to Oman, mostly being met with the same men as the onward journey. They eventually returned to the same hotel in Oman and after four days, Qamar boarded a Salaam Air flight back to Lucknow on June 19, while Osama took the same flight the next day, sources added.


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